PG x Bugatti Bicycle

When you turn your attention to luxury cars, chances are that Bugatti will be one of the first names to spring to mind so if you’re in the market for a luxury bike then you, sir, will want to take a look at this rather extraordinary collaboration in the form of the PG x Bugatti Bicycle. Luxurious in the extreme and aesthetically unparalleled, this is one bike that you won’t want to leave unattended for too long.

This stunning steed has been developed by PG and designed Bugatti to bring the best of both worlds to the table and for those with a love of all things luxury, you’re not going to find a better bicycle than this anywhere else out there. The PG x Bugatti Bike is billed as being the ideal companion to the Bugatti Chiron car so if you’re lucky enough to have one of those in your garage then you might as well complete the set with this stunning bicycle.

Exceptional Luxury

This limited edition offering (only 667 will be made and put on sale worldwide) is unquestionably one of the stealthiest looking machines you’ll come across and the attention to detail that has gone into every element of the design really does make it something worthy of admiration. Incredibly high-tech and remarkably lightweight (reportedly weighing in at less than 5kg), the PG x Bugatti Bicycle impresses on every level and it is described as being the lightest special urban bike in the world.

As mentioned, the bike is designed and developed by PG and Bugatti in collaboration but is it also to be handcrafted by Kussmaul so the calibre of the construction will be second to none. The PG x Bugatti Bike will be crafted from over 95% carbon fibre to give it the aforementioned stealthy aesthetic and for those of you like a touch of customisation, each and every one of these bikes can be individually tailored to your specific requirements.

Billed as being the perfect blend of cars and bikes, the PG x Bugatti Bicycle is incredibly robust with a reinforced carbon frame and the handlebars are equipped with shock absorbers to substantially improve the comfort when you’re riding. All the main elements of the construct will be made from carbon fibre including the frame, fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank and brakes and this provides both impeccable resilience and eye-catching aesthetics.

Ride in Style

Every component of the PG x Bugatti Bicycle positively exudes quality and it is all manufactured and processed in Germany so you know it’s going to be efficiently crafted to say the least. This amazing steed has been optimised for the aerodynamic demands of high speeds so don’t be surprised when you’re reaching a breathtaking  rate of knots atop it (albeit important to remember this is a sport bike, not designed for road use).

Exemplary quality characterises this sensational bike and all the components are handcrafted using prepreg materials and methods which are typically only used in the motor sport and aeronautic industries in order to guarantee the lightest weight and highest rigidity possible. This is a spectacular feat of design and engineering and, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’ll need to move quick (and have deep pockets) to get your hands on one.

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