Decibel Mobile Speaker

More and more of us want to listen to music everywhere we go nowadays but the options from a technological standpoint don’t always deliver the quality that we crave but all that might be about to change with the emergence of the rather extraordinary looking Decibel Mobile Speaker by tech brand, Module.

The Decibel Mobile Speaker is billed as being measurably the best mobile speaker in the world and, whilst this is a pretty grand claim to be sure, it does look to have the technological prowess and sleek design aesthetics to back it up. Built to last and not to be replaced like most speakers, the modular nature of the Decibel Mobile Speaker is something that will set it apart from the competition and has got us sitting up and taking notice here at Coolector HQ.

Music on the Go

The key new feature that will make you want to invest in one of these Decibel Mobile Speakers is the fact that it lets you upgrade what you want, when you want in order to make sure the device is always delivering exactly the sort of performance that you’re after. The fact that every component of the Decibel Mobile Speaker are user upgradeable means your device will stay current long into the future, regardless of any new innovations.

Electronics are, of course, improving all the time, processors get faster, wireless standards evolve, it’s a never ending cycle but with the Decibel Mobile Speaker, this isn’t something you need to be concerned with. If you’re the sort that has grown weary in having to buy a new piece of technology whenever there are slight improvements in how they are made, the Decibel is the ideal solution for you because it will never go out of date and can be upgraded much more affordably than would otherwise be the case.

The company behind the device, Module, strive to only offer a component update if it makes sense and genuinely advantageous to the owner. They’ll be adding new features such as an always on voice assistant when they have been fully developed and work as consumers will expect and demand. This approach is refreshing in the world of technology and we’ve got high hopes for the Decibel Mobile Speaker here at Coolector HQ.

Innovative Design

The components used in the Decibel Mobile Speaker are mighty impressive and include two high power, two inch bass drivers and two ultra smooth soft dome tweeters for an unparalleled sound quality. The cast alloy drivers have been designed specifically for Decibel and boast exceptional quality. The audio design team behind the device have decades of combined experience and strive for excellence in all that they do.

Whilst not yet ready for market, the Decibel Mobile Speaker might just be capable of shaking things up a little when it does eventually hit shelves and for those of you out there who are excited by the prospect of a modular device which you can update when you see fit, stay tuned.

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