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We like to think that we’re at least a little bit sartorial here at Coolector HQ (though almost every would beg to differ I’m sure) but there is one element of clothing in which we are entirely lacking and that, sir, is the pocket square. I dare say it will be difficult to achieve the dapperness of your Bertie Wooster / Don Draper types unless we start rocking the pocket square so we understandably sat up and took notice when we came across a great Kickstarter project that goes by the name of Declan Pocket Squares.

The superbly stylish offerings from Declan appear reminiscent of another of our favourites here at The Coolector – namely, the pocket squares from Budd Shirts and if they can hold a candle to them then they are surely an essential consideration for any dapper chap out there. Operating out of Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, Declan are certainly impressing all and sundry on their Kickstarter campaign, having already demolished their funding target. The pocket squares on offer from this excellent looking label are made from microfibres which ensure that no residue is left behind when using said pocket square to clean your glasses, tablet, laptop et al.

Declan pocket squares are available in a variety of different styles to suit your sartorial requirements and here at Coolector HQ we’re particularly partial to their spiffing Flint and Ellis offerings. You can see just a selection of their awesome looking wares below:






So if, like us here at Coolector HQ, you’re looking to ramp up your sartorial standing in 2014 then some of these top notch pocket squares from Declan will definitely serve you well.

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