Spruce Stove

Spruce Stove

It is Christmas, and at The Coolector we love nothing more than hanging up our stockings, writing our lists to Saint Nicholas and tucking into the mince pies. But one particular tradition is far less seen nowadays, especially at The Coolector HQ – the burning of the Yule log.

So what ever happened to this winter warmer, asks The Coolector.

Well, originally the Yule log was a full tree, its largest part in the fire and the remainder in the room, its purpose to burn long and hard over the winter months. The tradition died out largely due to changing living practices and technology; becoming less common in the home were the large open hearths where the Yule log would be burnt. Today, this hearth warming act, dating back hundreds of years, has become embers of memory.

That is, until now.

The team at The Coolector, fire iron in hand, is about to stoke hard to rejuvenate this old custom, and have spied the perfect home foundry to take on this ritual – the Spruce Stove. Developed by Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens, the Spruce stove is a fantastic example of simple but robust design and engineering. It is literally a whole tree truck stove for the home. A real Yule log eater! Take a look below at this awesome looking beast:

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 22.21.23 Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 22.22.01

Ok, so it is not the traditional fireplace once custom to the Yule log, and we believe Santa would think twice before coming down its chimney, but what a beautiful centre piece. Certainly a fixture for the right home – adequate living space and a nearby forest would be particulars to this burner. Wonderfully novel, the stark cold aesthetic of its industrial and contemporary structure certainly accentuates the heart warming and traditional appeal which can be found in the natural and organic log – sorry – trunk fire heating the home.

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