Fitzke BugBite Wooden Boat

We’ve featured a lot of luxury looking cars here on the pages of The Coolector so it’s about time we turned our attention to other types of vehicles and where better place to start than with this rather extraordinary looking BugBite Wooden Boat from Fitzke. We’ve feature the amazing paddle boards from Fitzke before but this breathtaking boat takes their design credentials to a whole new level and it’s clear that it has been a real labour of love because the attention to detail in the  design really is second to none.

The Fitzke BugBite Wooden Boat is a real sight to behold and for those who like to travel in style when they’re on the water, it’s definitely going to be right up your street. The creation of Kevin Fitzke and A.A Apel, the BugBite Wooden Boat is a modern classic 17 foot single step race boat that was hand built and the exemplary nature of the finish sets it apart from the competition and ensures that it turns heads everywhere it goes.

Inspired By A Classic

With the design inspiration for the BugBite Wooden Boat coming from original plans which were first published back in the 1935 February issue of Motor Boating Magazine and again in the 1936 Motor Boating Ideal Series vol. 17 book, there is a wonderfully appealing vintage aesthetic to this Fitzke and Apel creation and it has been given a few contemporary twists to bring its design and performance into the 21st century.

The Fitzke BugBite Wooden Boat has been  designed for both the 135 and the 225 race classes, dependent on what motor would be installed. It is unknown how many versions of this boat were ever built over the years but it’s safe to say that less than a handful are known to exist today. This Fitzke BugBite is built using nothing but the best in modern technologies for adhesives, cold-moulding, two part urethane paints/primers and two part urethane varnishes. Only hand selected Lloyds Registered marine grade mahogany and first class white oak have been chosen for frame components and planking and this gives it a visual impact like no other.

Everywhere you look with the BugBite Wooden Boat from Kevin Fitzke and A.A Apel there are impressive features and this includes structural fasteners which are marine grade silicon bronze and chrome plated brass. Kevin Fitzke is responsible for hand crafting all wood work, paint, varnishing, gold leafing/lettering, engine rebuilding, mechanical installations and hand forming the aluminum windshield, air scoop and various trim pieces. All hardware is either original 1930’s period or inspired by this time frame.

Hitting The Water

The Great Gatsby-esque vibe to the BugBite Wooden Boat is hard to ignore and it is certainly one of the classiest looking ways of getting about on the water out there. The quality of the handworked finish from Fitzke is incredible and the attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship is definitely something to be applauded. Having seen the woodworking skills of Kevin Fitzke with his glorious looking paddleboards, the majestic nature of this boat really should come as no surprise.

A wonderful showcase of the considerable design and craftsmanship talents of Kevin Fitzke, the BugBite Wooden Boat has turned our heads considerably here at Coolector HQ and we really can’t wait to see what the talented woodworker comes up with next. With a wonderfully vintage aesthetic but highly contemporary performance, this devilishly dapper boat will be the best looking in any dock it finds itself in.

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