Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition For HODINKEE Watch

Some watchmakers dare to be different with how they choose to craft their timepieces and Ressence are definitely one purveyor of fine watches that don’t follow the norm and plough their own furrow without compromise. As one of the most exciting and up and coming watchmakers in the world right now, it stands to reason that Ressence would partner up with the leading luxury watch publication out there, HODINKEE, and the end result of this is the spectacular looking Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition For HODINKEE Watch.

The Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition For HODINKEE Watch is very much in keeping aesthetically with the previous offerings from the impressive Belgian watchmakers and if you’re a fan of the mesmerising movement that they offer, this impeccable timepiece will also be right up your street. It is part of a limited edition offering of just 20 pieces and will not be on the shelves for long so, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen (and have deep pockets), you’ll need to move quickly.

A Time To Remember

A real stand out element of this stunning watch collaboration between HODINKEE and Ressence is the skeletonized German silver dial in a striking brushed stainless steel case – something that makes this phenomenal timepiece an entirely new take on Ressence’s innovative and unique means of displaying the time.

It is the unique orbital display that makes use of a planetary gear train called the ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) that is the watchmaker’s real USP and that is, of course, in evidence again with this cracking collaboration. This superb timepiece takes things a step further than previous iterations, however, as they have used sandblasting and skeletonizing of the convex German silver dial discs which adds the aesthetic awesomeness of actually revealing the stunning mechanics within the watch.

A crownless timepiece, the Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition For HODINKEE Watch allows you to effortless turn the caseback to set and wind the watch – even though it is also self-winding. Despite the unusual appearance and functionality of the watch, you’ll be amazed at just how quickly you become accustomed to reading the display – and, it’s fair to say, it’s much more intuitive and user-friendly than it may appear at first glance.

Back to the Future

There is an undeniably futuristic look and feel to the incredible Ressence Type 1H Limited Edition For HODINKEE Watch and if that’s the sort of look you favour in your timepieces, you’ll find few better examples of it in practice than this exemplary offering. Delivered with three different straps to mix a match – namely, cognac shell cordovan, grey calfskin, and black nylon straps – you’ll be able to tailor this glorious timepiece to any event or scenario.

We’re big fans of Ressence here at Coolector HQ and it was inevitable that any collaboration with HODINKEE would result in an exceptional timepiece but few could have predicted one quite as magnificent as this. If you’ve got a spare $22,000 burning a hole in your pocket (and a time machine as it appears to have sold out whilst writing this) then you know what to do.

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