Duracell AccessCase

Smartphones have become our closest allies both literally and metaphorically truth be told, given how reliant we have become upon them and how they seldom leave our sides come rain or shine.

Needless to say, this heavy usage of said devices inevitably results in frequent trips to the plug socket to power up your smartphone which, of course, impacts upon its portability somewhat. Well, the good chaps over at Duracell have seen fit to do something about this in the form of their rather spiffing looking Duracell AccessCase, which which allows you to wirelessly charge your iPhone 5 by strapping on this exceptional casing, that looks little different from a traditional iPhone 5 case – except this one has the benefit of charging your phone, of course. A claim to fame that your Luna iPhone case, lamentably does not boast.

The Duracell AccessCase has been designed by the world-renowned Yves Behar (who is best known as the lead designer for FuseProject, an award-winning industrial design and brand development firm) and, it’s fair to say, it has the sort of minimalist and unobtrusive design that will make it a highly valued addition to the smartphone charging fraternity. Made from lightweight materials and with a sleek design, the Duracell AccessCase will not feel unnatural in your hands and, after a few hours, chances are you won’t even know it’s there.

Accesscase front


You can read about the AccessCase at Duracell.

Leo Davie