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I’m not going to lie, I used to be an avid subscriber to SKY television and I have had it for pretty much my entire adult life (predominantly as a football fan but also as a fairly regular film watcher) but when I moved flat a year or so ago, I made the decision to not renew my SKY subscription due to the fact I often didn’t watch enough of the channels to justify paying a fairly hefty monthly subscription.

I was after something with a touch more flexibility that would allow me to watch movies and, in particular, sport without having to commit to a lengthy contract. Well, it’s as if SKY were reading my mind with this excellent little device that goes by the name of NOWTV and, basically, does all the aforementioned stuff that I have been craving since, reluctantly, putting paid to my SKY subscription 12 months or so ago.

The NOWTV device took a matter of minutes to set up (and would have been quicker had I read the instructions outlining the fact I needed to sign up online for an account first) and I was pleased to see the extremely simple and functional interface that they have opted for with this device because I’m not one for getting bogged down in unnecessary tabs and buttons and this is something that you won’t encounter with the NOWTV.

Perhaps the most surprising, and pleasing, aspect of this NOWTV box is the fact that it represents an absolute bargain – costing a mere £10. Obviously, we’re not stupid, it’s acting as a loss-leader for SKY to help get some extra cash in the coffers by collecting monthly subscriptions from those who don’t want to be tied into 12 month contracts and, to be fair, I’m sure it will do an excellent job of this because of the superb value for money that the box represents (you don’t have to use it for SKY purposes at all should you not want to – it also offers access to other popular media channels such as BBC iPlayer and 5Demand for free).


The NOWTV device is exceptionally small and won’t prove too cumbersome for even the most limited of spaces and it comes with everything that you require straight out of the box – including HDMI cable to make sure you get crystal clear pictures right from the get-go.

To conclude, I would thoroughly (and genuinely) recommend NOWTV to those who want to be able to dip in and out of all the best stuff that SKY have to offer without feeling pressured into a lengthy commitment (you can cancel your NOWTV subscription at any time). It is still a touch on the expensive side when you consider that, after all the perks, bonus and deals that are used to woo you into the purchase have subsided, it will set you back £15 a month, which is more than NetFlix et al but, in my opinion, SKY has a superior choice of movies so this, perhaps, justifies the additional outlay each month.


Find out more at NOWTV.

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