Yeti Hopper Coolers

As we’re in the midst of a most unaccustomed heatwave here in the UK, our thoughts are inevitably wondering to outdoor adventures i.e. eating BBQ and drinking craft beer out in the wild but, to facilitate this, you need the right tools and for all your cooling requirements, look no further than the awesome selection of Hopper Coolers from the guys at Yeti.

These Yeti Hopper Coolers come in a number of different sizes to accommodate your needs – whether this be porting around craft beers to a full on food fest for the ultimate in outdoor cookouts. The Yeti Hopper Coolers are built for those who love adventures and don’t want to wait for them and need gear you can just grab and go and if you’re planning some trips out into the wilderness to enjoy the summer months, having one of these in tow is a must in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

Keep Cool And Carry On

A cooler is an integral part of any camping excursion if you don’t want to suffer the misfortune of warm beers whenever you get to where you’re going but not all coolers are created equal and, quite frankly, few can hold a candle to the awesome selection of Hopper Coolers from Yeti. These impressive constructs are incredibly portable, 100% leak-proof and keep ice for days so will make the perfect ally for your food and drink requirements for your next adventure or cookout.

The Yeti Hopper series of coolers is made up from materials which can be found in things such as survival suits, which means that it is just about as durable as coolers come. The Yeti Hopper Cooler is made in a selection of sizes to make sure you can find one that is fit for any adventure, whether that’s on a wild river in a kayak or an excursion into a remote woodland wilderness. At least you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that your food and drink is in safe hands with Yeti.

Finding the right cooler for your camping trips and into the wild adventures is one of the key elements to get right and if you’re after something that delivers unparalleled performance alongside cool looking visuals, the Hopper collection of coolers from Yeti more than fits the bill.

First Rate Materials

As with all the products from the guys at Yeti, great care and consideration has gone into the crafting of these Hopper Coolers and the materials used throughout ensure the robustness of the finished product. The Hopper Coolers from Yeti boast Dryhide shell which is a high density fabric which delivers the impressive levels of water protection and ColdCell insulation which consists of closed-cell rubber foam offers cooling capabilities far in excess of traditional soft coolers.

So, if you’re planning your next camping trip as we speak and don’t know where to turn for your craft beer cooling and BBQ porting requirements, the Yeti Hopper Coolers would certainly get our vote here at Coolector HQ. Robust, durable, high performing and exceptionally well made, these coolers are testament to Yeti’s attention to detail when crafting the sort of products that lovers of the great outdoors really appreciate.

Price: $250+

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