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Though American football isn’t our first choice when it comes to sporting events, it’s definitely one that we’ve got a passing interest in here at Coolector HQ and that, sir, is why these awesome looking prints from EJB Design caught our eye (coupled with the fact they’ve got cracking typography and design elements) and for any fan of retro style prints, these will undoubtedly tick plenty of the right boxes.

EJB Design is the brainchild of California based Emilio Jose Bernard who has crafted an impressive collection of artwork that is right up our street but it is unquestionably his Stats Prints which are an aesthetically pleasing series of prints with a vintage design that celebrate some of the most iconic American sporting teams and couple them with some of their key statistics from their annuls of sporting achievements.

As mentioned, the typography and 30’s style design of these prints is what brought them to our attention here at The Coolector and though our knowledge of American sporting teams is sketchy at best, such is the great design of these prints, we’d have no qualms whatsoever about having a collection of them hanging from our headquarter’s walls. Check out some of the best below:









With a mixture of NBA, NFL and NHL prints to choose from, you are sure to find the team of your choosing amongst the superb collection of prints from EJB Design. For fans of American sports, we can think of few more stylish prints that we’ve come across of late than these fantastically conceived offerings from EJB. Each is printed on premium stock paper with dimensions of 11′ x 17′ so are perfect fare for hanging above your workspace.

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