For anyone familiar with the Despicable Me movie, a shrunken moon may not seem like any great shakes but the reality of it is awesome which is born out by this rather fantastic looking NOSIGNER Moon Lamp which faithfully recreates the lunar landscape of our celestial buddy and we here at Coolector HQ want one real bad.

Using data from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, this stunning piece of design is certainly a visually arresting sight and will make a superb addition to any stylish abode. Crafted to celebrate the rare Supermoon occurrences when the moon shines considerably brighter than the norm, this expertly conceived piece of lighting is one of the best we’ve seen from a design and finish point of view.

The topographically accurate NOSIGNER Moon Lamp is a LED piece of lighting which, lamentably, seems only have been made to celebrate the supermoon and isn’t commercially available at present. The Japanese design team behind its creation have managed to faithfully recreate the moon’s surface and, in doing so, create a genuinely unique and painfully cool piece of lighting in the process. You can see why we’ve fallen hard for this cracking little lamp below:





Stunning to look at and brilliantly designed and executed, it’s difficult not to be impressed with the NOSIGNER Moon Lamp and we’re wishing that we had one sitting on our desk as we speak but until they’re commercially built, we’ll just have to make do with poring over the fantastic images above.


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