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Coffee is serious business for us here at Coolector HQ and that’s why we take our caffeine receptacles seriously. With that in mind, we’re delighted to report on a particularly awesome vessel for your morning (or, in our case, more or less constant) hit of coffee which goes by the name of the Goat Story Coffee Mug which is currently undergoing a round of funding over on Kickstarter.

This eye-catching offering is the work of a Slovenian design agency who have an overt love of all things coffee and wanted to create a vessel that reflects the important role goats are said to have in the invention of coffee – namely, how they went nuts after eating berries and a bunch of 13th century farmers decided to brew the berries and drink it and this fact is why the Goat Story Coffee Mug is shaped like a goat’s horn and looks patently awesome.

There is a lot to admire with this spiffing receptacle which includes the fact it is made from eco-friendly materials, 100% leak-proof, can keep your drinks hot for up to two hours and is dishwasher safe. On top of all that, the Goat Story Coffee Mug is wrapped in an awesome looking leather pouch that merely serves to add to its visual appeal still further. And better still the Goat Story Coffee Mug also has a cross body strap for those lazy coffee drinkers amongst you who don’t like taxing your hands with mug holding and would rather drape your caffeine gloriously across your chest. Take a look at a few more shots of the Goat in action below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/4_nEWbMIw_Q[/youtube]

mala glavna harsh logo



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Though we’ve not really had any previous affinity for goats here at Coolector HQ, knowing now that they were instrumental in the formulation of coffee (or so the story goes), they’ve certainly gone up in our estimations and we’d certainly be happy to have one of these cracking Goat Story Coffee Mugs as the proud holder of our various caffeine concoctions each day.

If you too have fallen for the goaty charms of this spiffing looking project, heading over to Kickstarter to show your support seems like the sensible thing to do. We’re all for well-crafted, eco-friendly products at The Coolector and the fact this what just so happens to pertain to coffee is a double-win in our books.

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