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Art is, of course, a highly subjective thing and one person’s masterpiece will be another’s monstrosity and, however much the purists might try to deny it, the internet is home to some of the finest pieces of artwork out there and which, in many ways, can rival those found in art galleries the world over. This is something that Electric Objects are well aware of and that’s why they’ve come up with this entirely new and engaging means of displaying artwork in your home or office.

Electric Objects have crafted a framed, high-definition screen and integrated computer that aims to bring art from the internet into your home in an entirely unusual and highly visually aesthetic way. Electric Objects have well and truly blown their funding target out of the water over on Kickstarter which just goes to show the demand for this type of technology in the home and given that the internet is such a hotbed of creativity and artwork, your walls will never be mundane again.

If you’ve ever come across an amazing piece of artwork online be it on Tumblr or any platform and wished you could have it proudly displayed on your wall then this wish is very soon to become a reality with the brilliant looking Electric Objects device which really does look set to revolutionise the way in which we decorate our homes. The video above does a rather admirable job of showcasing the potential of this device but the images below have also got us eagerly anticipating its release as well:





We’re always coming across illustrations and other bits and pieces online that we’d love to have displayed in Coolector HQ and courtesy of the technological advancements being made Electric Objects, this isn’t far from fruition. The beauty of the design is that it is so simplistic. It doesn’t have any unnecessary gadgetry such as mouses and just has a single cord for providing the requisite power and nothing else.

You can change the artwork on your device as often as you want through a simple to use app and with a touch of a button, you can change from an eye-opening illustration to a subtle piece of artwork to match your mood. We love the intuitive nature of the Electric Objects project and we’re delighted to see that its reached its Kickstarter target but there is still time for you to show your support and get your hands on one for a reduced price.

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