Lumber Juan Reclaimed Oak Cruiser

Truth be told, skateboarding has never been our primary means of transportation but that, perhaps, might have been because we’ve never before encountered a skateboard that we simply have to have before. Well, that’s now no longer the case after we stumbled across these stunning and painfully cool Reclaimed Oak Cruiser from Lumber Juan.

Lumber Juan are a New York based woodworking studio who craft all manner of items but their main offering is furniture. With other items as awesome as this Reclaimed Oak Cruiser under their belt, however, it’s abundantly clear that they shouldn’t just be limiting themselves to tables and chairs. The Lumber Juan Reclaimed Oak Cruiser is a limited edition, hand-made skateboard made from solid oak and purpose built for both commuting and daily cruising and we here at Coolector HQ are thoroughly impressed to say the least.

Each one of the Lumber Juan Reclaimed Oak Cruisers made are cut, shaped, finished and painted by hand to meticulous detail and we’re sure you’ll join us in agreeing that the end result is undeniably is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Check it out below:







The craftsmanship of the Lumber Juan Reclaimed Oak Cruiser is plain to see and if you’re a regular skateboarder on the lookout for a new steed, then we dare say you’ll be hard pressed to find one more visually impressive or well crafted than this.

Lumber Juan are fine purveyors of wooden goods and after a couple of minutes on their website, you’ll soon discover the talented woodsmiths talents far exceed the making of skateboards and you’re sure to find plenty of other wares from them that will tick your aesthetic boxes.

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