Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones

Finding headphones that can keep pace with workouts and exercise in general is no mean feat. So, it stands to reason then, that you should probably turn to a brand known for their fitness tech in order to find the ideal solution. Say hello to the Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones which, as the name suggest, have been made with an active lifestyle in mind. With this excellent bit of gear from Fitbit you will actually hear what moves you with powerful audio, a comfortable fit and a robust design that you can count on whatever the activity.

The Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones are priced at £109.99 and offer an awful lot of impressive features considering their affordability. These exercise ready headphones have a sweat proof design, something which is essential for those rigorous workouts, and boast a secure and comfortable fit that doesn’t get in the way of your fitness routines. With an impressive six hours playtime on single charge, they will be with you every step of the way during your day to day workouts.

Made For Fitness

With a robust, no-nonsense design, integrated buttons and hydrophobic nano coating that’s rain, splash and sweatproof, the Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones are made to withstand even your toughest workouts. They have a unique, low-profile and lightweight design which makes these headphones small and versatile enough to wear all day, during high-intensity exercise and even with glasses or cycling helmets.

The Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones (£109.99) lets you go hands-free by making use of the 3-button control box to answer and end calls while you’re on a walk or working out. They have a dual microphone that suppresses external noise like wind which can be deafening to callers when you’re out in the wild so you’ll get high-quality calls in any environment with the Fitbit Flyer. They are compatible with Siri, Cortana & Google Assistant, so you can use simple voice commands such as “Call Dad” whilst on the go.

You can customise the fit of the Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones for enhanced comfort and security. They come with interchangeable ear tips, wings and fins, so you can create the optimal headphones for comfort, security and sound quality regardless of the sort of workout you’re doing. You don’t stay in one place during workouts, but your headphones definitely need to. These ones will, thanks to innovative and proprietary wings and fins that hug the natural shape of your ear and stay secure during exercise.

Superb Sound

Whilst a lot of headphones made for fitness scrimp on the sound quality, not so with the Fitbit Flyer Wireless Fitness Headphones. They are precision engineered for crisp audio, powerful bass and dynamic range, Flyer delivers sound that’s optimised for workouts and throughout the day. They have two sound settings with passive noise isolation which makes sure your music isn’t ruined by outside influences.

Boasting quick charge technology, these headphones let you say yes to last minute workouts and know that you’ve got the music to do it, because a quick charge of 15 minutes gives you a full hour of playtime. The Fitbit Flyer connects to two Bluetooth devices at once, so you can quickly swap from listening to music on your laptop to answering a call on your smartphone. Plus, it remembers up to eight devices, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of re-pairing.

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