Flesh & Bone Playing Cards

Gambling isn’t in our blood at Coolector HQ, in fact we’re terrible at it, but we are drawn towards playing cards like a moth to a flame and it’s not through a love of games of chance but rather our love of design and typography and the latest deck to have caught our eye is this fantastic looking set of Flesh & Bone Playing Cards.

This eye-catching set is entirely custom made by London based designers, Dual Original, and it’s clear to see the amount of effort that has gone into their creation. These Flesh & Bone Playing Cards are illustrated by hand and their objective is to combine digital precision with a considerable artistic flair and, by jove, they’ve done it.

This highly impressive set features a myriad of illustrations of various mythical creatures such as kracken and nymphs and various ancient Gods like Titan and Medusa so they’re a bold and visually striking set of playing cards, that’s for sure. Check out a few more shots below to see why you’ll want to be busting this deck out the next time you’re playing poker:





We love these intricately designed cards here at Coolector HQ and thoroughly applaud the amount of time and dedication that has gone into their creation. If you’re a regular player of card games and even if you’re not, it’s impossible not to be impressed with this Flesh & Bone Card Set which is currently seeking funding over on DeckStarter but we’re in no doubt that something as patently awesome as this will reach its target.

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