FLX Electric Bike

We’ve all been there when we’ve been faced with some sort of incline on a bicycle and wish that we had an electric motor to back us up and help get us where we need to go. Not all electric bikes are created equal, however, and some are a real cut above the competition such as this superb looking FLX Electric Bike which doesn’t just look the part but also delivers an out of this world performance whilst doing it.

FLX are a newcomer to the eBike industry but, it’s fair to say, they’re already started to make waves within it with their first class line up of FLX Electric Bikes which includes Roadster, Trail and Attack iterations – each of which has been carefully crafted and designed to match your own riding style and requirements. Bring the fun element back into cycling, the electric bikes from FLX are aesthetically striking and superior in performance and we’re certainly liking the sound of their capabilities here at Coolector HQ.

Electrifying Performance

First and foremost, an electric bike needs to deliver in the performance department and these fantastic offerings from FLX do exactly that. The brand pride themselves on crafting top quality, robust eBikes that have been rigorously tested in the harshest of conditions. And, when they say ‘tested’ they really mean it as this was achieved by having an absolute blast tearing down mountain sides and ripping along sidewalks with the intention of trying to break the bikes and expose every weakness so that when your bike arrives, it’ll be faultless.

The latest offering from the brand is the eye-catching and top performing FLX Blade Electric Bike and this is one mighty impressive steed indeed. A real attention to detail has gone into the design of this contraption and it is positively overflowing with spectacular features that really sets it apart in what is an extremely competitive market. Just some of the stand out features of the FLX Blade include an integrated lithium battery, an advanced colour, LCD display unit for things like speed, distance and elevation and the all-important 1000w Ultramotor which will be responsible for helping you climb those hills when the legs have given out on you.

We big fans of the growing trend towards electric bikes here at Coolector HQ and FLX are certainly looking to be one of the finest proponents of this mode of transportation. You’ll be treated to the dual benefit of an extremely cool looking steed for getting about mountain terrains or open roads and a level of performance that is beyond compare. Easy to put together and quick to charge, you’ll be saddling up in no time with a FLX Electric Bike.

Built For Adventure 

Some electric bikes are made just to look good but these ones from FLX do that but they are also made to be ridden. Up hills, through woodland, on mountain trails – you name it, these bikes are up to the task and then some. With excellent components used in their construction and a real dedication to making the very best eBikes possible, it’s easy to see why FLX are already beginning to turn heads aplenty within their industry.

For anyone with a love of riding freely and who puts the emphasis on enjoyment when they’re out on their bike, this first class line up of electric bikes from FLX is sure to hit the right notes. We’re loving the quality that is tangible throughout their construction and the sheer attention to detail that has gone into their design to ensure that they are the ultimate in rides for any adventure lovers out there.

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