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We cover a lot of backpacks and rucksacks here on the pages of The Coolector and finding those with specific purposes is something that a lot of men require from their carry. For those watersport enthusiasts out there who need a solution to their storage requirements whilst enjoying their favourite water based pursuits, look no further than the rather extraordinary XO 6.2 Backpack which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.


Whilst a lot of backpacks will make the claim of being waterproof, the XO 6.2 takes things to the next level and is a fully submersible backpack that will keep your belongings dry when you head out into the open seas or enjoy any other water based activity. If you don’t want to be held back by worrying about your keys, phone and other valuables getting wet, the XO 6.2 Backpack is just the thing for you and it is understandably taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak.

High & Dry

There is barely an adrenaline pursuit out there that the XO 6.2 Backpack isn’t ideally suited for – whether this be scuba diving, whitewater sports, snowboarding, windsurfing and everything in between – and each element of the bags designed has been carefully conceived in order to ensure that your valuables stay safe and dry throughout.



Boasting an ergonomic, well thought out design, the XO 6.2 is a hybrid backpack consisting of two parts – namely, a coated fabric, ideally suited for all nautical activities, which is very robust and entirely waterproof and, secondly, a screw cap closing mechanism and welded seams, which guarantees an airtight protection to keep your valuables protected at all times.


The design of the bag came about following a trip to Burma by the backpack’s creator and who, after a trip on a particularly rickety boat, realised that he had no means of protecting his passport and other valuables if he were to fall in the water so set about designing a backpack that would do exactly that – and the XO 6.2 was born.

European Flavour

The XO 6.2 Backpack is handmade in France with assistance from expert partners and trades to guarantee a quality build and the sort of robust solution that will stand up to whatever you throw at it. This backpack truly is made with the adrenaline enthusiast in mind who wants the peace of mind that their belongings are going to be safe and dry wherever they wind up and with the quality materials used in its crafting, the XO 6.2 definitely delivers on this front.


Delivering an ergonomic design with neoprene lumbar and abdominal padding alongside back protection with rigid support along the spine, the XO 6.2 Backpack is built to last and deliver comfort to the wearer whilst they enjoy their favourite action packed pursuits. This first class Kickstarter project will appeal to any adventure lovers out there and if you’re looking for something to keep your valuables safe and dry out in the wild, this would definitely get our vote here at The Coolector.

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