Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Flatware

If you like camping but hate single use plastic, the guys at Full Windsor have got something you’re going to want to have in tow during your next trip into the wild in the shape of this Magware Magnetic Flatware which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This great looking set of utensils will ensure you never have to use plastic cutlery again courtesy of this lightweight set from Full Windsor that will go with you everywhere and can be used for anything from camping trips to eating your lunch at work.

Full Windsor pride themselves on crafting sustainable products and this Magware Magnetic Flatware on Kickstarter is their latest offering to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. Magware from Full Windsor have been designed to address a major problem which faces our planet. Namely, the fact we throw away billions of single use plastic utensils every year, and many of them end up in our Oceans and Waterways. Plastics never fully break down but rather degrade into small pieces that resemble food scraps to fish and other sea animals and cause untold destruction. Magware is reusable and boasts an excellent aesthetic so will be the sort of thing you’ll want to take with you on your camping adventures.

Bring Your Own Cutlery Movement

The guys at Full Windsor think the BYO Cutlery Movement could help reduce the number of disposable utensils that get thrown away every year. The same way as carrying drink bottles has started to become ubiquitous in people’s day to day life, Full Windsor hope to see non-disposable utensils start to be used in the same way. Their Magware Magnetic Magware are an understated, lightweight solution to help in this mission, by making them as organised and easy to carry as possible.

You can get a single set of Full Windsor Magnetic Magware on Kickstarter for as little as $34 during the crowdfunding campaign and the fact that they are so robust and reusable means they will last for many years to come. Full Windsor decided to use Hypalon for the pouches, as it is extremely durable, water proof, easy to clean and stain resistant. Hypalon is so hardwearing that it is the material that they make inflatable boats from. Full Windsor have used high strength velcro for the closing mechanism and the full set pouch also has a thick elastic strap attached to give it an even firmer close.

The durable nature of the Full Windsor Magnetic Magware really does set it apart from the competition and regardless of whether you’re whipping this out in the depths of the forest or your work canteen, you don’t have to worry about its performance and durability. Made from 7075-T6 Aluminium which has been strengthened by heat treatment and artificial ageing, this first class cutlery ticks all our style and performance boxes here at Coolector HQ.

Playing Your Part

It has been impossible not to notice the scourge of plastic on our oceans and environment over the last few years and if you want to play a small part in helping eradicate this problem, this Full Windsor Magnetic Magware on Kickstarter will definitely be a step in the right direction. It has a cool, vibrant aesthetic that is sure to appeal and it is crafted from incredibly robust materials to ensure it can be used time and time again on all your camping excursions and day to day requirements.

Available for as little as $34 during the Kickstarter campaign, this Magnetic Magware from Full Windsor isn’t going to break the bank but it might just help save the environment so it’s definitely getting two thumbs up from us here at The Coolector. If you’re after some striking, functional and extremely portable reusable cutlery for your day to day culinary requirements, it doesn’t get much better than this. Head on over to Kickstarter now to get your hands on this environmentally friendly awesomeness.

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