G Table

Desks and designer furniture are forever capturing our eye here at Coolector HQ and it’s fair to say that Behance is often one of the primary sources of our furniture finds. So it has proved once again with this minimalistic masterpiece from Ukrainian designers, Volodymyr Khylynskyi and Slava Balbek, which goes by the name of G Table. Understated in nature but overflowing with function, this superb looking piece will add a touch of aesthetic superiority to any room.

The G Table on Behance is an exemplary piece of industrial design and one that has certainly captured our workspace loving imagination here at Coolector HQ. Great to look at and designed with versatility and style in mind, the G Table would slot effortlessly into any contemporary home or office. Billed as a model in functional minimalism, this striking piece of furniture design offers a visual impact off the charts but also plenty of clever, integrated design features to boot.

Style & Substance

Designed with the tech inclined in mind, the G Table has a charging point specifically designed for Apple laptop chargers which is closed with valves and an integrated adapter for chargers, stationery, everyday carry essentials or even flower pots if you want to give a nature vibe to your workspace. The G Table has magnetic pad which will fix the cable from the hatch in the floor and make sure the visual impact of the table isn’t impacted by unsightly cables.

With the G Table having such a stylish and functional design, we’re sure that you’ll join us in hoping this becomes a piece available for purchase because we’d definitely like to see a design like this in Coolector HQ. The G Table has built-in USB ports that will ensure that you can keep all your essential gadgets and technology juiced at all times whilst working. There is also a stylish hook for the shoulder pad that you’ll find attached to the frame of the table.

Furniture design like the G Table doesn’t come along every day and the Ukrainian designers behind its creation clearly have an eye for what makes a first class piece of furniture. Filled with innovative design features and geared towards the tech obsessed individuals of today, this cracking creation is certainly right up our street here at Coolector HQ. Crafted from a combination of steel and HPL plastic, there is a pleasing robustness to the design and you’ll be able to make it suit your requirements regardless of your own interior design style.

First Rate Furniture

We’re forever on the lookout for eye-catching pieces of designer furniture here at The Coolector and pieces like the G Table always turn our heads with superb minimalistic aesthetics coupled with highly functional design. Though it’s not a piece that is currently commercially available, there’s little doubting that it would be a mighty popular piece were it to come onto the market.

With a technology friendly design and excellent materials used throughout the design there is a tangible sense of quality to the look and feel of the G Table and you’ll not find many other designs out there with the same effortlessly cool design that integrates so well with more or less any interior design aesthetic.

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