Ginault Ocean Rover Watch [Hands On]

One of the perks of the job here at Coolector HQ is the fact that we get to scour the world in search of one of our favourite accessories day in, day out – namely, watches. It’s always heartening when we come across a new watchmaker that we weren’t aware of before and who are doing sterling work and that’s exactly the situation we currently find ourselves in with Ginault and their magnificent looking Ocean Rover series of watches.

Ginault are relative newcomers to the world of watchmaking having first being established in 2011 and it is clear they are heavily influenced by bigger brands like Rolex when it comes to the design of the Ocean Rover and this is by no means a bad thing if you’re after a classy looking timepiece for a fraction of the price of a Rolex. Their timepieces are hand built in America and this gives them an added touch of class and tangible sense of quality that you’ll love when you put it on the wrist for th first time.

Marmite Design

It goes without saying that homage watches like the Ginault Ocean Rover are going to split watch aficionados who will either love or hate it but we’re firmly in the former camp here at Coolector HQ as the USA made, quality parts of the Ocean Rover make it a worthy addition to any watch lover’s collection in our opinion. It has a robust disposition courtesy of the 316L stainless steel casing and, as you would expect from a nautically inspired watch, it has an impressive water resistance of some 300m which will be more than sufficient for any underwater adventure you find yourself on.

The Ginault Ocean Rover series of watches has a price tag of $1499 which will definitely be a great investment for any watch fan looking for a Rolex-esque timepiece without the exorbitant price tag. Powered by the Ginault Caliber 7275 movement, the Ocean Rover has a 38 hour power reserve and a “Glowing Smurfs Lume” which makes it highly readable in low light conditions that you’ll likely encounter when you head into the deep blue sea.

Boasting a decidedly classy aesthetic, we’re big fans of the affordable, entry level timepiece to the world of luxury watches and the Ginault Ocean Rover Watch definitely won’t disappoint from a performance and style perspective. This watch micro brand are clearly heavily influenced by the Rolex Submariner in their design but that is true of an awful lot of watches out there and the Ocean Rover captures the essence better than most.

Slim Line Finish

The Ocean Rover looks great on the wrist with its 12.5mm thickness that helps it sit flush on the wrist and gives it an effortlessly cool aesthetic that Don Draper would be proud of. Extremely comfortable to wear, the Ocean Rover from Ginault certainly classes up the wrist considerably and we were left by the visual impact it had whenever worn. As a finishing touch, the Ocean Rover Watch has a crown which is signed with the brand’s quadrifoglio aka a four-leaf clover logo and is well-sized with plenty of knurling for easy operation.

If you’re looking for an entry level into the world of luxury watches but don’t want to shell out for a Rolex Submariner (we don’t blame you) then the Ginault Ocean Rover Watches might just be the next best thing. Supremely stylish, these proudly USA made timepieces take all our style and performance boxes here at Coolector HQ and with the price tag of $1499, you’re getting an awful lot of watch for an unbelievable price.

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