Gone Girl Trailer

Though we haven’t read Gone Girl at Coolector HQ, we’ve heard good things about it and were definitely excited when we heard that David Fincher would be directing the movie with Ben Affleck as the star. Well, the first teaser trailer for the movie of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel has just been released and though it doesn’t reveal too much, it has certainly got us thinking that Fincher will be bringing his signature darkness to the film.

Gone Girl stars the aforementioned Affleck alongside Rosamund Pike and sees the Fight Club and Social Network director evoke the sort of dark, brooding scenes that made his Fight Club movie so impressive in our eyes here at The Coolector. Fincher is one of our favourite directors and it doesn’t look like Gone Girl when change our affinity towards his excellent body of work.

The story follows the disappearance of Affleck’s wife and his proclamations of innocence when the finger of suspicion falls on him for said disappearance. The trailer does a fantastic job of evoking the sense of mystery that is sure to permeate the film and we cannot wait for its release later this year.

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