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Given the somewhat glorious weather of late, our thoughts are constantly gravitating towards outdoors cooking and BBQs here at The Coolector and, as a result, have been on the hunt for awesomeness pertaining to these pursuits. This lead us to Kickstarter and squarely to the GoSun Fusion which is taking the crowdfunding platform by storm as we speak amongst eager outdoor food enthusiasts looking to cook up a storm.

The GoSun Fusion lets you cook hot meals anytime, anywhere, with the highest efficiency hybrid stove on the planet and you can pick one up for a bargain price of just $299 during its Kickstarter campaign. This cracking outdoor cooking accessory from GoSun harnesses the power of the sun and is billed as the most reliable solar powered oven on the market and will help you make some fantastic food for friends and family all year round.

Superb Solar Powered Technology

With the sun being so prevalent of late, the GoSun Fusion is certainly a relevant piece of outdoor cooking equipment and it’s certainly not difficult to see why it’s proving so immensely popular over on Kickstarter. It is a hybrid electric / solar powered offering that makes delicious meals effortlessly simple and enables cooking anywhere, anytime thanks to GoSun’s advanced thermal performance. This vacuum insulated oven is capable of cooking in the same time as your conventional oven, while being five times more efficient.

Incredibly robust in design and extremely portable, the GoSun Fusion really is your ideal ally for all your outdoor cooking requirements in spring, summer and autumn. It has a high capacity, 3.2 litre volume, is cool to the touch courtesy of vacuum insulation and the solar power works in all weathers, even when it is cloudy and overcast. Extremely travel friendly, the GoSun Fusion can be put in the car for road trips and cooking out in the wild and it is designed to be self-contained and compact.

The GoSun Fusion has the 3.2 litre Cook Tray which cooks plenty of food – enough for five full meals. It is a little like a mid-sized sedan (a hybrid, of course) in this respect and you’ll be amazed with just how much food you are capable of cooking in one go. It has been years in the making but GoSun finally discovered the sweet spot between weight, durability and cost with this Fusion offering and at $299 on Kickstarter ($499 RRP), you’d be mad not to invest if you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Quality Meals

Working at the same speed as a conventional oven but much more efficiently, the GoSun Fusion is capable of cooking all sorts of different ingredients and meals to suit all tastes. Whether you’re looking to steam, bake or roast your ingredients, the Fusion isn’t going to let you down and it is the cleanest oven imaginable with no soot, emissions, flames or smoke and it is extremely easy to clean when you’ve finished cooking.

The Kickstarter pricing of $299 is the real icing on the cake for the GoSun Fusion and outdoor cooking has never been easier or cleaner than what can be achieved here. A great hybrid design and quality performance every time is something that is a real stand out feature of the Fusion and it has definitely got us licking our lips with its possibilities here at Coolector HQ.

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