Heaven 11 Billie Amp

For anyone that loves listening to music, chances are you might be missing out on some of the subtleness of sounds that the musicians intended because of the equipment you’re using to listen to it. With the Heaven 11 Billie Amp, you’ll be treated to a whole new listening experience that is second to none and has the added benefit of providing a superb aesthetic appeal which will elevate the look of whichever room you deploy it.

The Heaven 11 Billie Amp is billed as a high-performance stereo receiver which has been carefully crafted for the way in which we listen to music today. Regardless of what your music format might be – Bluetooth, digital or vinyl- the combination of velvety tube sounds to digital ease and accuracy will ensure that the Billie Amp from Heaven 11 is the ideal amplifier for today’s connected living and music listening.

Striking Design

Described as having an analog heart with a silicon soul, the Billie Amp from Heaven 11 really does offer something that music lovers are going to appreciate and wraps it up in a wonderfully well designed package. It expertly combines the analog warmth of tubes to the precision of digital. The end result of this is a wide dynamic soundstage with a rich mellow delivery and unparalleled bass performance. You can effortlessly pair all your devices with the Billie Amp through AptX, the only audiophile-grade ‘lossless’ Bluetooth format. It also has an integrated Hi-Res DAC which makes sure every bit of your digital music is faithfully reproduced as the musicians intended.

The Heaven 11 Billie Amp will bring the ritual of listening back to your living room, back to how music was meant to be experienced and the quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used really does stand out from the competition. Each one is hewn from a solid aluminium chassis, boasts hand-crafted wood knobs and high-quality parts, meaning that it really is built to last. They are manufactured in Montreal, Canada, and a five year warranty comes standard such is the confidence in their exceptional performance out of the box.

Available for pre-ordering now, at a reduced price of just $945 (with the full-price being $1195-1295), now is the time to act if you want to pick up a Billie Amp from Heaven 11 for a bargain price. This impressive piece of audio equipment doesn’t just deliver music as it should be heard, it is also supremely well designed to fit in with more or less any interior design aesthetic or workspace layout.

Musical Masterpiece

Music is an important part of life for a lot of people so ensuring you hear it as the artists would have wanted is something that is imperative and, with this Billie Amp from Heaven 11, you can do exactly that. Technologically superior and visually striking, this exemplary audio device has certainly turned our heads at Coolector HQ and the fact you can pick one up for $945 during the pre-ordering phase adds to its appeal still further.

Audio performance aside, the Billie Amp is a glorious looking piece of design in its own right and it has the sort of visual impact that elevates it above the competition in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. For a rich, textured listening experience, it is going to be tough to beat and definitely gets two thumbs up from us.

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