Gravity Trailer

As a firm fan of the excellent Children of Men film, I’ve tried to keep abreast of the work of said movie’s director, Alfonso Cuaron, so I was understandably delighted when I came across his latest offering, Gravity – an incredibly psychologically scarring, space-walk epic by the looks of the awesome trailer above.

Starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock (and not a romantic comedy as you would perhaps expect), Gravity is a sci-fi thriller where the two Hollywood A-listers play a pair of astronauts who, somewhat terrifyingly I’m sure we can agree, become stranded in space after their shuttle is beset by debris during a routine space walk.

I think there are few thoughts more desperate and unsettling of being cut adrift in space and this expertly crafted film looks as though it will be playing upon these fears with some considerable aplomb. The movie is set for an October 18th release here in the UK and I, for one, cannot wait. Check out a few stills from the movie below:


Find out more about Gravity – HERE.

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