Griff 300 Drone

Drones are something that really came to the fore in 2016 with some mesmerising ones in terms of capabilities and performance hitting the market but 2017 also looks set to be a bumper year for the drone aficionado if the exceptional looking Griff 300 Drone is anything to go by.

The Griff 300 Drone is a real heavyweight from a performance point of view and is built with the likely huge drone delivery market in mind because it is capable of carrying a payload of 1,760 pounds which, given the size of the contraption, is nothing short of extraordinary. If you’re looking for a drone to carry out some serious haulage in 2017 then the Griff 300 is definitely going to be the one for you.

Nordic Design

The work of Norwegian technology and drone specialists, Griff Aviation, this stunning piece of airborne technology is likely to be where the drone market is heading over the next 12 months and beyond. Incredibly robust in design but also boasting a super cool aesthetic that belies its haulage mindset, the Griff 300 Drone is really going to revolutionise the drone market by making it possible to carry extraordinary amounts of weight in short amounts of time.

When loaded at full capacity, the Griff 300 Drone can remain airborne for 45 minutes and  has already been recognised and ratified by both the European Aviation Safety Agency & the American Federal Aviation Administration so it is clear that this is going to be a drone that becomes a mainstay of the skies over the next 12 months – particularly amongst those companies thinking about this form of technology as a delivery option.

Industrial in design but graceful in appearance and performance, the Griff 300 Drone really is the best of both worlds and will showcase both incredible strength and grace whilst in flight. With eight propellers providing the uplift required to carry such hefty payloads, the Griff 300 might not be the quietest of drones but it is definitely amongst the strongest and stealthy looking and that’s something we can get on board with here at Coolector HQ.

Fly Right

Whilst this offering from Griff Aviation isn’t the sort of vessel you’re going to enter into a drone racing competition, it is suited to World’s Strongest Drone (were that an actual thing) and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be one of the stand out entries into the drone market for 2017 and beyond.

Impressive to look at and extremely high performing, the Griff 300 Drone has all the makings of a classic and with both top of the range components and a highly durable and robust design, it is massively fit for the purpose of delivering heavy goods quickly and effectively and will be hitting shelves later this year.

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