JM & Sons Camden Unit

When it comes to furniture, function should come before all else truth be told but when you can pieces that also look fantastic it’s a real win/win and that’s why we always find ourselves gravitating towards JM & Sons because, without fail, their wares always combine the two elements wonderfully well – something they’ve proved admirably with this excellent looking Camden Unit.

JM & Sons are mainstays of the pages of The Coolector and we’re always keeping an eye out for new pieces from the talented woodworkers, Junior Ayotte and Mackenzie Duncan, who operate out of a workshop in Toronto, Canada and the Camden Unit is a great example of how great furniture design doesn’t need to elaborate in order to hit the right notes aesthetically and in terms of functionality.

Simple But Effective

In essence, the JM & Sons Camden Unit is a simple piece of design but it is in the small details in which it really excels and you’ll find it an extremely versatile addition to your home design endeavours because it can be deployed in a number of different ways to suit your space and requirements.

The JM & Sons Camden is a stackable unit which can be used for a multitude of interior design features such as shelving (when you tuck the unit against a wall), underneath a staircase, behind a sofa, or, if you’d prefer, you can simply use it as a coffee or side table – you’re only really limited by your own imagination and floorspace.

Crafted from a combination of a bent steel frame and finished with JM&Sons’ trademark salvaged barn wood, there is a distinctive vintage aesthetic to this cracking piece of designer furniture and any homeowner on the hunt for versatile pieces in 2017, this will definitely tick plenty of the right boxes.

Aesthetic Superiority

If you’re looking to revamp the look and feel of your home in 2017 and seeking out some excellent statement pieces of furniture which combine style with functionality, JM & Sons should certainly be one of your first ports of call and this superb Camden Unit, one of your first purchases.

Versatile, impeccably well made and boasting an aesthetic that can’t fail to improve the visual impact of any room in which you deploy it, the Camden Unit from JM & Sons is just the sort of furniture we appreciate here at Coolector HQ and we dare say there will be plenty of interior design lovers looking to make use of this superb piece of craftsmanship in 2017.

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