Grovemade Desk Shelf System

When it comes to cool looking wares, the guys at Grovemade are invariably one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ and that’s proven to be the case once again with the superb looking and supremely functional Grovemade Desk Shelf System – which looks like being a first class addition to any creative workspace.

The Grovemade Desk Shelf System boasts a design that is intended to take your working capabilities and, indeed, your workspace to the next level from a productivity, form and function point of view. This cracking piece of design is perfect for getting a handle on a cluttered workspace and delivers much more clarity to your working area and provides a space much more conducive to working effectively and efficiently.

Creative Catalyst

We don’t know about you, but we’re exponentially more efficient and creative if we’ve got a workspace geared towards productivity and that’s exactly what you’ve got on your hands with the Grovemade Desk Shelf System. This spiffing little addition to any workspace starts off by elevating your computer monitors or laptops to enhance the ergonomics, while, at the same time, providing an abundance of space for storing your essentials. Grovemade included subtle organisation zones to help everything on your desk have its own space and work well together – from your computer keyboard to your EDC essentials like keys, wallets and phones.

By offering a much more defined working space and creating tangible borders, the Grovemade Desk Shelf System might just be the ordered, well-crafted workspace that you’ve been waiting for and, somewhat fantastically, is available for a reduced, introductory price so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to bag a bargain. It lets you move seamlessly between your various different work tools, whether this be a mouse, stylus, notebook or smartphone and the elegant minimalist design ensure it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your workspace whilst doing it.

The Grovemade Desk Shelf System is designed to facilitate for quick, seamless transitions between digital and analog working and for those of you where this is an essential element to your daily working life, this excellent piece of design will be a godsend. It is the end result of considerable amounts of research and Grovemade spent the last four months studying how people work. They looked at 600 desks, catalogued 300 photos, and interviewed 30 hard working people to learn what they required to get the job done – and the end result of this is the top notch piece of design you see before you.

Delicious Design

As with all the products from Grovemade, functionality is at the forefront and it’s no different with the expertly designed and crafted Desk Shelf System. Getting your workspace right is essential to ensuring you’re as productive as can be on a day to day basis and this brilliant offering from Grovemade will certainly set you off on the right foot from an organisation and productivity point of view.

Grovemade are synonymous with quality and that is evident once again with this supremely well made offering which is available in a number of different woods and has a modular type of design that will let you pick and choose the components which are relevant for the way you work. Great design, excellent craftsmanship – another triumph from Portland based, Grovemade.

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