Grovemade Wooden Watches 02

Now, typically speaking, we ordinarily don’t really rate wooden watches here at Coolector HQ but we can admit when we’re wrong and if there was any brand that is capable of getting us to change our mind, it’s Grovemade and their excellent looking new collection of wooden timepieces.

The Grovemade Wooden Watches 02 are, as the name implies, the second foray into the world of watchmaking from this Portland based purveyor of first rate wooden accessories and, in our opinion, this new entry is far superior to the original in both looks and functionality and could well be set to put wooden watches on the map.

Good Wood

Having taken a step back to reevaluate their timepieces, Grovemade decided to make some sweeping aesthetic changes to their 02 iteration and the end result is a genuinely attractive watch where the unusual choice of material doesn’t feel like a gimmick as is the case with a lot of timepieces of this nature. Stylish and versatile, there is a lot to commend with this expertly crafted timepiece from the guys at Grovemade.

The Grovemade Wooden Watch 02 is an innovative and eye-catching inversion of the first watch design that the Oregon based artisans came up with. It has been designed around the natural beauty of wood and the aesthetic impact is delivered by a CNC-milled three dimensional wooden dial face which sits within a stainless steel case. This unique approach really does a fantastic job of really emphasising the flow of the grain and brings the timepiece to life.

Designed in conjunction with former Nike watch designer Stefan Andrén, the Grovemade Watch 02 superbly combines a bold profile with the sleek, laser cut vegetable-tanned leather strap to deliver a timepiece which excels in both form and function. Every watch within the new 02 collection from Grovemade is individually wrapped in stylish, heavyweight matte black paper and will make the ideal gift for any woodwork aficionado.

Material Matters

With three materials to choose from with the Grovemade Wooden Watch 02 – namely, walnut, maple and gold – you’re sure to find a version that matches your own taste requirements and the quality of the craftsmanship and excellent materials make this the perfect timepiece for everyday wear.

It boasts a Japanese Miyota movement and the straps are crafted from vegetable tanned leather and the timepieces are assembled in Grovemade’s Portland studio. If you’re after an affordable, aesthetically unusual and supremely stylish timepiece in 2017, this might just be the one for you but you’ll have to wait a few months as shipping isn’t expected until June.

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