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Clocks are, if we’re being honest, not the most interesting of home accessories – having remained pretty resolutely unchanged in their aesthetics for the most part – so when someone comes along looking to shake things up, it’s mighty refreshing. The someone in question on this occasion is Flyte and the product in question is their, frankly obscenely awesome, STORY Levitating Clock.

The Flyte STORY Levitating Clock is, as the name suggests, a clock but quite like any other as it boasts a levitating element which really brings the piece to life and makes telling the time a much more engaging process. Put simply, STORY is a levitating timepiece that orbits around a wooden base, making it possible to count the hours, minutes or even years should you so desire.

Aesthetically Superior Design

Whilst most of us will only glance at a clock for a couple of seconds, such is the visual superiority of the STORY Levitating Clock from Flyte that you’ll likely have trouble taking your eyes off it. Billed as a new and unique way in which to visualise time, this spectacular piece of design has left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ and will turn heads in any home or office in which it is deployed.

The Flyte STORY Levitating Clock and you can fully customise its orbit through the use of a mobile app or manually if you’d prefer. This allows you to set it to one minute or one year – the choice is entirely yours. Designed as a metaphor for our own planet orbiting around the sun, this spectacular piece of design and engineering has taken Kickstarter by storm (understandably so in our opinion) and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more unique or engaging instrument of time out there than this.

Not everyone will always want to have to work out the time based on the levitation system on the STORY Clock but, fear not, it offers the best of both worlds with a LED Matrix display which illuminates through the surface of the wood. This display can be set to be permanently ON/OFF or appear as a result of motion.

Time But Not As You Know It

If you were to encounter the Flyte STORY Levitating Clock for the first time, chances are you may not even realise that it is a clock at all and this merely serves to add to its allure in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. This exemplary piece of design has three main modes to use – journey mode (where you can set it for a set point in the future e.g. a birth of a child so 9 months would be one full rotation), clock mode and timer mode – and the aesthetic appeal really is unparalleled.

For those of you who have been blown away by the capabilities of the Flyte STORY Levitating Clock, you’re not alone and you’re in luck because there is still plenty of time to head over to Kickstarter and show your support for the campaign and pick up your own piece for a bargain price.

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