Timberland X Christopher Raeburn Collection

When it comes to first class streetwear, Timberland are a brand pretty much without equal and when they joined forces with Christopher Raeburn for their latest collection, you know the end results are going to be impressive to say the least. The Timberland x Christopher Raeburn Collection aims to redefine some of the most iconic pieces from the apparel brand and through deconstructing and rebuilding these pieces Raeburn hopes to deliver a familiar yet unique series of contemporary styles.

The Timberland x Christopher Raeburn Collection are eye-catching in nature and crafted from 100% organic cotton for a comfortable fit. Each piece within this collection is modelled upon an original item of Timberland apparel and each one is designed with the reduction of one’s environmental footprint at the front of centre of their thinking. As a brand, Christopher Raeburn are well known for their recycling endeavours and this is something that Timberland have well and truly embraced with this fantastic collaboration project.

Reconstructed Wear

It’s clear to see a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into this new collaborative collection from Timberland and Christopher Raeburn and it presents pieces that are remade and reconstructed from original 1980s classic Timberland outerwear, which have been sourced in flea markets and vintage shops, before being deconstructed and intelligently reconstructed to make completely new archetypes that fit in perfectly with today’s streetwear scene.

Some of the stand out pieces of this new Timberland x Christopher Raeburn Collection include a parka, a reversible anorak, joggers and a reversible hoodie, all of which have been replicated in limited quantities using recycled PET and organic cotton to capture the iconic look of 80s style Timberland apparel. The most important thing about this new collection, however, is the environmentally conscious way in which it is produced and that’s certainly something that we applaud and can get behind here at Coolector HQ.

If you like to stand out from the crowd with your clothing picks, you’re sure to find plenty of options that tick all the right boxes within this new Timberland x Christopher Raeburn Collection. Recycling is a key feature of all the apparel from Raeburn and they are synonymous with using sustainable materials, recycling pre-existing materials, and being pioneers in the use of green technologies in their production processes wherever possible so if you look for fashion with a conscious, this is it.

High Fashion

There is certainly an unmistakable, high-fashion vibe to this new collection from Timberland and Christopher Raeburn so if that’s a look that you like to cultivate then this is the range for you. Bold design and eco-friendly materials are the call of the day with this range which is available on both the Timberland site and Christopher Raeburn site. A great combination of materials and aesthetic superiority really makes this fantastic selection of 80s themed wares stand out from the competition.

Timberland are a brand that need no introduction and it’s always rewarding to see when they engage in collaborations with other fashion labels, particularly those as eco-friendly as Christopher Raeburn, with their focus on the use of recycled materials and green technologies in the majority of their creations. This new collaborative effort definitely gets two thumbs up here at The Coolector.

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