Q30 Electric Yacht

We must admit, time spent out on the open water is something that definitely appeals to us here at Coolector HQ but, safe to say, procuring a boat is far from cheap. That being said, there are more and more companies throwing their hat into the boating arena nowadays which is a good thing so far as competition is concerned and we’ve just encountered a rather stunning looking vessel in the shape of the Q30 Electric Yacht from the design team at Q Yachts.

The Q30 Electric Yacht is a minimalistic masterpiece from an aesthetic point of view and it has certainly got plenty of talking points about it that is already generating a lot of buzz and interest in boating circles. This spectacular looking vessel comes from Finnish design studio, Q Yachts, and it is a a full-electric boat, powered by a Oceanvolt propulsion and the performance and aesthetics are second to none.

Q For Quality

Oceanvolt and Q Yachts are both brands that were founded by an enthusiastic sailor and this is something which is abundantly clear when you lay eyes on the Q30 Electric Yacht. The company’s founder, Janne Kjellman, launched Q Yachts with its flagship model being the fantastic looking Q30 and the overriding objective is to deliver a full-electric day boat that also has a clean and understated, elegant design which sits perfectly alongside the silence of electric engines.

The Q30 Electric Yacht has a pretty impressive range of 42 nautical miles when being run on the standard 30 kWh battery pack. This can be ramped up to 80 nautical miles if you decide to add the optional 60 kWh battery pack – these distances are based upon a cruising speed of nine knots. At faster cruising speeds such as 15 knots, the range will reduce to 22 nautical miles and 40 nautical miles respectively. The is sufficient space aboard the Q30 Electric Yacht for up to 8 adults without feeling cramped and they are kitted out with some excellent looking interior features.

Muted tones abound with the interiors of these Q30 Electric Yachts and their serene, relaxing visuals will make it a great place to spend time when you’re not checking out the ocean views up on deck. There is an impressive skylight that will bathe the interior in natural light during the day and, when the sun goes down, there is a cool selection of LED lighting that will illuminate the cabin of the boat.

Lightweight Performance

The Q30 Electric Yacht is surprisingly lightweight and weighs in at just 1500 kg which means that it can be towed by most conventional cars out there. It is a zero emissions vessel which is something that is increasingly important in this day and age and the sophisticated, eye-catching design is a timeless one that will never go out of style and will definitely look the part on any stretch of water or out on the deep blue sea.

Brilliantly conceived and crafted, the Q30 Electric Yacht will soon be available to purchase and for anyone with a love of boating that is seeking an environmentally friendly and uber cool looking vessel for all their water based experiences, this is sure to tick all of the right boxes.

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