Honey on the Rock Tiny Home

We’ve seen our fair share of so-called Tiny Homes on the pages of The Coolector previously and we’ve always been bowled over by their aesthetic awesomeness and clever use of space. Well, there’s now another to add to our list in the shape of this excellent looking Honey on the Rock Tiny Home from Carpenter Owl. This mesmerising, small but perfectly formed dwelling is right up our street for one reason in particular – namely, the fact it built around and focuses on an old whisky still.

The Honey on the Rock Tiny Home from Carpenter Owl looks the part aesthetically and also has a brilliant backstory insomuch as it is principally crafted around an heirloom whisky still – something that definitely elevates it considerably in our estimations here at Coolector HQ. This top notch Tiny Home is the workshop’s most ambition build to date but from what we’ve seen, it’s an absolute triumph of both design and functionality and our hats go off to Carpenter Owl.

Whisky Way Of Life

By definition, Tiny Homes aren’t going to be overflowing with grandiose rooms and an abundance of superfluous space. It’s all about capitalising on the space that is available and making it as functional and versatile as possible. Needless to say, the Honey on the Rock Tiny Home from Carpenter Owl does this exceptionally well and everywhere you look – both on the inside and outside – there is some clever design feature or piece of craftsmanship that has added to the aesthetic appeal or functionality of the property.

The Honey on the Rock Tiny Home from Carpenter Owl measures 22′ Long, 8.5′ Wide, and 13.5′ High so there is a comfortable amount of space in there for everything that the family was looking for. It boasts a double decker style layout with a mighty impressive spiral staircase within being a real focal point of the design and something which helps draw attention to the whisky still that is the cornerstone of this creation.

Amazing little design features abound when you get inside the Honey on the Rock Tiny Home such as the fact that the table on the upper deck folds down to reveal a vintage soaker tub, all of the light fixtures in the house were hand cut and there is a secret door behind a drawing of the home which leads from the the bed loft to the outdoor soaker tub. It’s thoroughly impressive to include so many magnificent features in such a tiny space.

Fits A Lot In

It’s hard to believe how much is able to fit within the Honey on the Rock Tiny Home and this includes a kingsize bed with his and her porthole windows flanking the sides and a 6′ wide operable window at the head, the all-important whiskey still which is hidden inside a copper topped table with a 4K Dwarf brand wood stove on top and all of the requisite plumbing, including the faucets, which are crafted from soldered copper for a stunning visual impact.

We love Tiny Home designs here at Coolector HQ and this superb offering from Carpenter Owl is one of our favourites to date. Fantastically well crafted, with some really great standout design features, this is the sort of dwelling that we’d love as a fortress of solitude and the fact it has got a boozy backstory is the real icing on the cake.

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