Ikepod x Tom Christopher Watch

So far as groundbreaking watches are concerned, Ikepod are right up there with the best of them in our opinion here at The Coolector and their latest release, a collaboration with the artist, Tom Christopher, is undoubtedly one of their coolest and most visually vibrant timepieces to date. Ikepod are synonymous with creative and groundbreaking art collaborations with their luxury watches, including Jeff KOONS and KAWS circa 2011, and this Tom Christopher offering is a welcome addition to that list.

The Ikepod x Tom Christopher Watch has a price tag of $1700 and, it’s fair to say, not many timepieces are quite as visually impactful as this one and it is sure to turn heads everywhere you go. Tom Christopher is a renowned expressionist artist whose paintings show the energy, vibrancy and compelling narratives of New York City. He uses vibrant colours and dynamic compositions to evoke the bustling movement of the city and brings this to play for this awesome looking Ikepod watch.

Spectacular, Eye-Catching Design

Christopher’s artwork is all about street anthropology and urban geometry of New York City. From the first glance, you can really feel the NY vibe and from a second, a broader human experience. Just like names are given to streets, titles are given to describe moments. Moments of life suspended in time and signposted in colour, black and white. Christopher invites us to see the city through his own eyes: strong lights, strong colours and each detail assembled to create a comprehensive whole. Ikepod have taken this vision and supplanted it in this extraordinary looking timepiece.

The Ikepod x Tom Christopher Watch ($1700) is an automatic megapod with Tom Christopher’s bespoke artwork and the striking nature of the dial is quite unlike any watch we’ve seen before here at Coolector HQ and we’re in little doubt this sensational looking timepiece will fly off Ikepod’s digital shelves in no time at all so move quickly if you like what you see.

The idea behind Ikepod’s collaboration with the New York artist, Tom Christopher is, like their watches, to promote brilliant artwork that is still accessible (and within reach financially), even though it is already in public and private collections. If you want to get your hands on and wrist in a watch that is a touch different to the norm without breaking the bank completely in 2021, the Ikepod x Tom Christopher Watch is sure to be ticking plenty of the right boxes.

Limited Edition Release

Just fifty pieces will be released for this collaborative effort between Ikepod and Tom Christopher. The watch displays Christopher’s Skaters in the Sky artwork on the dial. Some of the stand out features of the timepiece include a Miyota 9039 Movement, 5 ATM, 42 hours power reserve, sapphire glasses and see through open back, signed on the back.

Priced at $1700, the Limited Edition Ikepod x Tom Christopher Watch is going to be the sort of watch that you can pass on from one generation to the next such is its unique and timeless nature. We’re loving the bold, impactful aesthetic here at Coolector HQ and can’t wait to see which artist Ikepod choose to collab with next.

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