INFINITE Smart Cooler

Though summer might be beginning to wind down now (despite the temperatures around the world seem to suggest otherwise currently), there are still plenty of days left to head out into the wild or to the beach where a cooler would definitely be a welcome addition. Well, few would be more welcome than this ace looking INFINITE Smart Cooler which is funding over on Indiegogo now for the bargain price of just $229 which is a whopping 61% off the intended RRP.

The INFINITE Smart Cooler is built for everything from camping to tailgating, beach bonfires to backyard BBQs and it brings the fun everywhere it goes with its impressive array of technological capabilities. This 61 quart, all-in-one box of awesomeness is capable of keeping ice frozen for up to 12 days and combine this with the Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers, 550W blender, and a wireless phone charger, it’s easy to see why the INFINITE Smart Cooler has taken Indiegogo by storm.

Keeping Your Cool

With the INFINITE Smart Cooler on Indiegogo being positively packed with all the features you could possibly need for any outdoor cookout, adventure trip or beach excursion, it lets you focus on enjoying your time at the location. This ace piece of technology aims to redefine the way you experience outdoor life by combining both fun and functionality into one smart, modern design and ensures that it isn’t overloaded with unnecessary features and focuses on the ones you’ll actually be able to make use of.

The INFINITE Smart Cooler has certainly captured our attention here at Coolector HQ and everywhere you look throughout its design you’ll find something to be impressed by. This includes the 7-12 ice retention, the incredibly robust, larger than average, wheels for tackling all terrains, 550w blender, digital screen with easy-touch buttons and the wireless charger and USB ports to make sure you can bring the party and keep all your tech charged whilst in the wild or at the beach.

You’ll be left mighty impressed with just how much you’re capable of fitting into the INFINITE Smart Cooler courtesy of its 61 quart capacity. This cavernous capacity interior will let you store much more food and even more drinks than the average cooler—it can hold up to 55 water bottles – and given nobody wants a soggy sandwich, the removable Chill Divider will help separate your food, drinks and ice.

Music Matters

If you’re the sort that wants to keep people entertained on camping trips or beach excursions, the INFINITE Smart Cooler might be your new best friend. It comes equipped with Hi-Fi dual-powerful speakers which will let you be the DJ and play music on your Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your cooler. Which will give you all the more reason to create that perfect playlist for your next outdoor party.

With a massive 61% off the recommended retail price during the Indiegogo campaign, now is the time to get on board with the INFINITE Smart Cooler because it represents such a bargain. Chock full of cracking features and capable of overcoming any terrain thanks to the incredibly robust wheels and materials used throughout, this superb bit of kit will definitely make you Mr Popular on your next trip into the wild or beach adventure.

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