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A spirit for adventure is something that beats within most of us and heading out into the great unknown in search of it requires the right equipment and apparel. So far as outerwear is concerned, you simply won’t find a more perfect candidate for the job than these amazing looking (and even better crafted) JAGO Jackets which are billed as a jacket for life and, from the minute you touch its tangible quality, you’ll realise you’ll likely never need another coat again.

JAGO Jackets are the brain child of Alex Orr, who was compelled to create this fantastic brand based upon the legend of a jacket which was passed from one generation to the next but which, lamentably, went missing one fateful day. Well, Alex’s loss is our gain as it gave birth to JAGO Jackets and the immeasurably cool and highly versatile coats that they are now responsible for. In the depths of winter as we now are, you’ll be hard pressed to find a jacket better suited to keeping the elements at bay and the adventures going that these expertly designed and crafted pieces of outerwear.

A Jacket Made For Adventure

Crafted from the incredible versatile and robust Ventile® material, the quality of JAGO Jackets is there for all to see. Ventile® is 100% pure cotton and was first used during WWII in England to enhance the life expectancy of fighter pilots that suffered the misfortune of going down in freezing waters. Since WWII it has gone on to be worn by some of the world’s best known adventurers – including Sir Edmund Hillary on the first summit of Everest and Sir Ranulph Fiennes on various polar expeditions – and it is still worn by today’s RAF Tornado pilots.

JAGO Jackets have an appealing ethos of sharing those memorable moments in one’s life and tackling this consumption driven society head on by crafting durable, no-nonsense waterproof cotton jackets which are made for a life filled with adventures, wherever this may take you – from mountain tops to urban city landscapes, and everywhere in between – JAGO Jackets will always deliver an unparalleled sense of freedom and the knowledge that you can tackle any outdoor adventure that comes your way.

These supremely rugged and eye-catching jackets are designed to fade over time and the more that you use them so that they develop their own sense of character unique to you. Each jacket tells a story of the adventures you’ve taken it on. JAGO Jackets are available in three, equally as awesome colourways – namely, NATO Green, Burnt Orange and Midnight Blue – so you’ll certainly to be able to find one that falls in line with your own personal style tastes.

Keep The Elements At Bay

Everything about these JAGO Jackets has been carefully considered and implemented with the intention of keeping the elements at bay during your outdoor adventures. From the choice of Ventile® as the chief component material to the elasticated Storm cuff, reinforced forearms and extra-durable thread and zips, you’ll not find a coat that is going to offer more protection or exceptional performance than these ones from JAGO.

Handmade in the UK to exacting specifications, the immense quality of these JAGO Jackets really does set them apart from the competition. As you would expect from a piece of outerwear of this calibre, they don’t come cheap (clocking in at £465) but this is a perfect example of getting what you pay for and you don’t want to scrimp when it comes to picking the apparel for all your outdoor adventures in 2018 and (considerably) beyond.


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