Janus Halcyon 250 Motorcycle

While most new motorcycles come with a lot of plastic pieces and unnecessary parts, Janus Motorcycles focuses instead on the essentials. Classic lines and a simple design are hallmarks of all the company’s bikes. The Halcyon 250 is a homage to motorbikes and board-track racers of the 1920s. Its long, lean tank, hardtail design, leading-link front suspension and 229cc single-cylinder engine make up a machine that is both old school and undeniably cool. And that’s what we’re all about at The Coolector.

The Halcyon 250 Motorbike from Janus isn’t a replica of a vintage bike but it looks like it could be. The bike’s classic lines and simple style brings to mind historic Norton, Indian, and Brough Superior motorcycles. Outside of custom and classic motorcycle shops and museums, this style has all but disappeared. We’re big fans of vintage style steeds here at Coolector HQ and this is about as aesthetically awesome as it gets.

Brilliant Craftsmanship

The sprung leather solo seat, hand-welded aluminum tank, and lack of modern features and amenities can give you an idea of what it was like to ride motorcycles back before fuel injection, ABS, and extremely complicated, high-displacement engines. In essence Janus gives you a time machine. It gives you the ability to enjoy vintage motorcycle characteristics without the unreliability and headaches that often come with vintage bikes.

Janus Motorcycles are a first class workshop and builds its bikes by hand, one at a time in its Goshen, Indiana, facility. Most of the components used are made either in-house by Janus or through United States-based suppliers. The remaining parts come from international suppliers. These motorcycles come out in limited-number batches, and the company is run by a small band of passionate bike builders so the quality on offer is plain to see and this is what makes them so popular amongst motorcycling enthusiasts.

Co-founders Devin Biek and Richard Worsham are true lovers of all things moto and got their start working on and building vintage mopeds. As their expertise grew, so did their ambitions. Eventually, the two started Janus Motorcycles. Their bikes are built with the belief that motorcycling is best done on small displacement machines with light curb weights. It’s their belief that these kinds of machines provide the most direct connection to the road and the most enjoyable experience. Anyone who appreciates old motorcycles and modern ingenuity should feel a sense of connection with these stylish and brilliant machines.

Motorbiking Magnificence

It’s always rewarding to discover brands that go above and beyond in the pursuit of excellence and this is certainly an accolade that can be applied to Janus Motorcycles. This first class American workshop clearly have a love of what they do and this positively shines through in an the magnificent steeds which they are responsible for creating. The fact they produce their wares in small batches ensures that the quality always remains at its finest.

For any man on the hunt for an old school looking steed that performs exceptionally and looks incredible, Janus Motorcycles should definitely be one of your first ports of call. Amazing craftsmanship coupled with eye-catching designs and unparalleled performance all combine to make this a compelling candidate for next bike in 2018 and beyond.

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