James Brand Hell Gap Pocket Knife

So far as EDC brands are concerned, it goes without saying (given the frequency with which the appear on the pages of The Coolector), the James Brand are always at the forefront of our thinking and that’s because of awesome releases like this Hell Gap Pocket Knife. For those of you seeking the crowning piece of your EDC line up this summer, you might just have found it with this first class, supremely functional accessory.

The James Brand Hell Gap Pocket Knife is billed as a cutting polymath, which is more than capable of doing work which ranges from digging roots in the backyard to dicing onions for your breakfast burrito at the campsite. It is its unparalleled versatility and functionality which helps set it apart from other pocket knives on the market and we’re loving its stealthy style here at Coolector HQ. Available for the bargain price of just $299, it’s not hard to see why the Hell Gap is already one of the EDC brand’s most popular products of 2019.

No Nonsense Performance

No man’s EDC line up can be considered complete without a pocket knife included within it and you’ll be hard pressed to find one more functional and useful than the Hell Gap from the James Brand. This fantastic accessory is the knife that you’ll keep in the glove box of the truck, the back of the van, in the boat or the camping box because there really is no limit to its usefulness and you’ll always find new ways of deploying it. It will rapidly become your go-to blade for all of your outside adventures and it won’t ever let you down from a performance point of view.

This excellent James Brand Hell Gap Pocket Knife ($299) has been painstakingly designed to the minutest detail to make sure it offers the ultimate in functionality and performance. It has a full-bellied Crucible s35vn blade which delivers a superb blend of edge retention, corrosion resistance and ease of sharpening. The Hell Gap Pocket Knife is definitely going to be your ideal adventure ally for may years to come.

Whenever the time comes for new pieces of everyday carry, the James Brand are always one of our first ports of call here at The Coolector and when you witness the exemplary nature of their wares such as the Hell Gap Pocket Knife, it’s easy to see why this is the case. This top notch accessory has canvas micarta scales which provide brilliant grip and hand feel in all weather conditions and scenarios.

Devil in the Detail

Designed to be precise enough to carry out fine, intricate work like carving, but with enough finger clearance for chopping or dicing, the Hell Gap Pocket Knife is described as the James Brand ATV; go anywhere, do anything. It is this immense functionality that makes it appeal so much and whether you’re an outdoorsman that would use it day to day or just someone who wants to have something handy in their EDC line up, it definitely won’t disappoint.

With the finest materials and excellent craftsmanship coming together, the $299 price tag for the Hell Gap Pocket Knife from the James Brand is extremely reasonable and it’s not difficult to see why they’re already flying off the shelves. If your EDC line is in need of a new addition, look no further.

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