Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag

If you’re a professional photographer and have expensive kit that you want to keep safe and secure whilst you port it around from shoot to shoot, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t scrimp with your choice of camera bag and, so far as quality is concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more impressive offering than this Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag.

Though the price tag might be a little on the restrictive side at $749.99, the Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag ensures that it justifies such a lofty cost through the use of first class craftsmanship and top of the range materials. Available for pre-order now, the Vi Vante “Calibre” will tick all the style boxes for photographers out there and it boasts more than enough storage space for all your gear and it is designed to keep it secure and damage free on the go.

High Quality Accessories 

Vi Vante are an accessory brand that sit firmly on the luxury end of the spectrum and they operate out of Florida with a dedication to providing the finest camera accessories on the market. The “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag follows on from their debut release of luxury camera straps and certainly knocks things up a notch in the aesthetic department. Billed as the world’s most stylish and luxurious camera bag, this excellent accessory from the American brand serves as a drastic departure from the ordinary into the utterly extraordinary and will give your camera gear the home it deserves on the go.

The Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag ($749.99) is overflowing with design detail and the quality of the materials used throughout its construction really do help set it apart from other accessories on the market. Each one is crafted from premium Top Grain Italian leather, and only the best portion of the hide is used to ensure a tangible sense of quality to the touch. The Leather is textured which makes it resistant to scratching and gives it a visual impact quite unlike any other.

Each Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag takes two full days to make and the interior is crafted from a super soft microfiber that will help ensure your camera gear stays free of scratches and scrapes whilst your on the move. In addition, three dividers are included to help separate your gear and make sure it’s easy to get the device you’re after in a hurry. This pre-order accessory is expected to start shipping early June so if you like what you see, make sure you get your order in now.

Compact Design

The profile of these hand woven camera bags make it look incredibly compact but, in actuality, it’s cargo capacity is perfectly suited for rangefinder style camera lovers and the amount of space you’ll find within is surprising. For example, you can fit two Leica M Cameras with lenses mounted or one M with 2 additional lenses which are big cameras so this speaks volumes about the available space.

For the first production run of these Vi Vante “Calibre” Hand Woven Leather Camera Bag only 50 will be made and will likely sell out fast so make sure you don’t delay if you want to get your hands on the classiest camera bag on the market. Made using the finest materials and to exacting standards, the $749.99 price tag is a large one to pay but considering you’ll likely be using this to port your gear around for decades, it will be money well spent.

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