Titaner Bolt Pen

Pens are an under appreciated implement in the digital age in our opinion here at Coolector HQ so we always aim to champion the cause of those looking to keep stationery’s light shining and few are doing a better job of this than this brilliant looking Titaner Bolt Pen which is funding on Kickstarter now and boasts an awesome number of hidden features that set it apart from the competition.

The Titaner Bolt Pen on Kickstarter is crafted from the incredibly robust material of Grade 5 titanium so you don’t need to worry about it when using it out and about and adventures into the wild. It is a supremely nventive high specification pen which delivers an aesthetically pleasing and highly streamlined design with a whole host of cleverly engineered hidden features, which are all housed in a machined Grade 5 titanium chassis. If you’re looking for a new pen essential in 2018, this is it.

This Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword 

With a wonderfully resilient construction, the Bolt Pen from Titaner is the sort of weighty, well-made implement that just feels right in the hand and it is made for those who crave an eye-catching writing instrument that stands out from the crowd. It boasts innovative engineering to ensure it’s simplicity and it comes chock full of top notch features which includes a unique bolt mechanism, an adjustable tap to accommodate numerous refills, a tungsten glass breaker, a mini-PIN to remove sim cards or press reset buttons and o-ring grips for a heightened level of comfort whilst writing.

Crafted from from 100% Grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V), the Titaner Bolt Pen on Kickstarter is one uncompromising pen, which really has been built to last. If there was an apocalypse, this pen would probably emerge unscathed on the other side. It is pen for life and the sophisticated, smooth texture and perfectly balanced weight makes sure that it delivers the perfect writing experience each and every time.

The Titaner Bolt Pen comes in a number of different styles on Kickstarter – such as sandblasted matte, black porcelain and silver satin finishes – so you’ll be able to pick the ideal one to fit in with your EDC line up. This cracking little design has all sorts of amazing features that you wouldn’t typically find in a pen including three, coloured, anti-slip, 100% food-grade o-rings for impeccable control and grip whilst writing, a tungsten tip glass breaker and underwater writing capacity to name but a few.

Just The Right Weight

When it comes to writing instruments, nothing is more important than that of weight and balance and the Titaner Bolt Pen excels in both these areas. This cracking construct achieves perfect balance through the careful management of the internal and external engineering of the Titaner Bolt which ensures it has a beautifully balanced weight that positively comes to life in your hands and is already ready when you need it.

For any man looking to add the ultimate pen to their array of EDC awesomeness, the Titaner Bolt would be our pick here at Coolector HQ. With plenty of time to get behind the campaign on Kickstarter and with a range of materials and style to choose from, you’re sure to get a pen that you’ll want to keep for many years to come.

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