JIBO Robot

The idea of having a minion to do our bidding around Coolector HQ is certainly one that appeals and this dream just took a step closer to reality courtesy of this rather impressive looking device that goes by the name of JIBO and which might soon become your new best friend in your homestead.

If you too have longed for a robot butler like we have at The Coolector, JIBO isn’t exactly that but it boasts plenty of intuitive features that will appeal to the technologically minded and it is, in fact, ideally suited to those with a family because it also has plenty of features that centre around learning and education.

The JIBO robot is unique insomuch as it can “see” courtesy of two high definition cameras which it uses to instinctively take photos and videos when requested. It can also hear through its 360° microphones and, perhaps most impressively, speak to you about all manner of things. It is, of course, the case, however, that a video will be a good deal more informative in showcasing the capabilities of the JIBO robot so check out the one below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″]http://youtu.be/3N1Q8oFpX1Y[/youtube]

JIBO is small but perfectly formed and stands a mere 11 inches tall but there is a lot of impressive technology packed into its small frame and we here at The Coolector have certainly been left rather astounded with the potential capabilities of JIBO and hope that it continues to add more functionality and applications to its offering as time goes on. Check out a couple more shots below:


jibo robot

Whilst it’s not quite at iRobot levels yet, JIBO is definitely a step in the right direction and is testament to the sort of creations that can come to fruition with some great minds involved in their design and execution (JIBO is the brainchild of Cynthia Breazeal, a Pioneer of Social Robotics and MIT Professor).

This cracking little piece of technology is currently taking Indiegogo by storm and it certainly appears that there is plenty of people out there who want this intuitive little fellow in their homes and you can definitely count us here at The Coolector amongst them.

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