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Sleeping is something that we do frightfully well here at The Coolector given our proclivity for laziness but, as it transpires, it is something that we could perhaps be doing better and a clever little device that goes by the name of the Sense Sleep Monitor is going to tell us exactly how.

The latest offering to throw it’s hat into the sleep monitoring ring is Sense by Hello which, if we’re being honest, looks as though its got the capabilities to blow all of the other sleep monitoring systems out of the water and we’ll tell you why. First and foremost, the Sense Sleep Monitor is an unobtrusive monitoring system but one that looks stunning when you do notice it and it tracks your sleep behaviour, monitors the environment of your bedroom and reinvents the alarm.

If you’re keen to understand why you’re not getting a good night’s sleep or what the conditions were like when you slept like a baby then the Sense Sleep Monitor will be your perfect ally in the bedroom. It has all manner of impressive features bubbling away beneath its surface such as ambient lighting, temperature monitor, humidity sensor and a high sensitivity microphone and all these elements combine to create the perfect sleep aid tool. Check out the video below to see how the Sense Sleep Monitor can benefit you:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

Sleep is clearly something which is important to our overall well-being so anything that can help in enhancing its quality will certainly be met with approval and that’s the case with the Sense Sleep Monitor which has positively smashed it’s Kickstarter target in a matter of hours, testament to the quality of the design and the demand for such a product.

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