Joe Ledbetter Vinyl Figures

Though most men will typically grow too old for toys, we can counteract this by relabelling them as collectibles and we’re all good. So, that’s why we’ve no compunction whatsoever about loving these decidedly awesome looking vinyl figures from a talented chap by the name of Joe Ledbetter.

Joe Ledbetter is an artist, illustrator and, most importantly in this case, a toy designer from Los Angeles, California, and he has a variety of influences in creating his cracking collection of vinyl figures which includes 80s video games, underground comics and skateboarding culture and we’re mightily impressed with the top notch nature of his creations.

There really are some stunning pieces in Ledbetter’s collection of vinyl collectibles and we’re definitely wanted a fair few of them residing in our workspace here at Coolector HQ. Take a look at a few of Ledbetter’s finest creations below:

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If you’ve got a hankering for the toys of yesteryear from when you were growing up and you’re looking for a legitimate means of overcoming this, adding a few of these superb looking creations from Joe Ledbetter will definitely be the ideal start.

Spectacularly creative and wonderfully well crafted, the vinyl figures from Ledbetter are all manners of awesome and we dare say that we’re not alone in wanted them in our lives immediately. Given our own lack of creative talent here at The Coolector, we will invariably gravitate towards artistic projects as stellar as Ledbetter’s creations and we can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for the rest of 2015.

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