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Though Movember is still a fair few months away, it never hurts to be prepared for the month long moustache pilgrimage which is why we had our heads thoroughly turned here at Coolector HQ when we came across a rather excellent looking selection of grooming products tailored to the moustachioed chap from the fellows at Lamar Soap Company.

The Lamar Soap Company operates out of Long Island, New York and boasts a rather spiffing selection of moustache waxes, salves and balms and has the sort of whacky branding that we’re fans of here at The Coolector. For those men who sport year round facial slugs (unlike us once yearly moustache growers) the great looking goods from Lamar Soap Company will certainly provide plenty of sustenance for your facial hair. Check out a few shots of the awesome looking wares from Lamar Soap Company below:




We love great looking products from independent purveyors here at Coolector HQ and these superb grooming goods from Lamar Soap Company are both brilliantly branded and carefully crafted to produce the sort of products that men will be happy to utilise on their most prized possession – their moustache.

If you’re on the lookout for some new grooming goods to ramp up the epicness of your moustache then these from the Lamar Soap Company will likely tick all of the right boxes and we dare say we’ll be getting our hands on a few tubs in preparation for Movember later this year.

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