Wingback Limited Edition Wallets

When it comes to EDC, our wallets are the accessory that we all use most frequently and, for that reason, you’ll likely want one that stands out from the crowd a little and has a unique sense of style and design superiority to it. If that sounds like you, these awesome looking Wingback Limited Edition Wallets are sure to be right up your street and they boast a striking aesthetic impact that will make them the cornerstone of your EDC line up.

Wingback are a London based purveyor of wonderfully well crafted leather wallets and they’ve excelled themselves once again with this latest release – a series of Limited Edition Wallets made in conjunction with a number of different artists. This new range is going to resonate with those who demand some visual gravitas to their everyday carry and they deliver this with aplomb in this new series of impeccably crafted and versatile wallets.

Stylish, Functional and Unique

Needless to say, any man is going to want their wallet to offer plenty of versatility of performance alongside a eye-catching aesthetic and that’s something that these Wingback Limited Edition Wallets have in abundance. The London based brand have worked with four artists for this initial batch of accessories – these being Kerby Rosanes, Anoushka Irukandji, Osman Mansaray and Kim Becker – and each one of these wonderfully handcrafted wallets has a bold piece of artwork on the front that will really make them stand out from the crowd and add a touch of cool to your EDC.

These Limited Edition Wallets from Wingback are all made using the brand’s Cash Wallets which are amongst their most popular and versatile offerings and lend themselves perfectly to the addition of a striking piece of artwork. Each of the artists used for these limited edition offerings are well known in the art world and Rosanes, for example, is a Philippines-based illustrator who  works mainly with ink, fine-liners and markers to illustrate his “doodle world” and, at the tender age of 25, has already published five books including The New York Times best-seller, Animorphia in 2015, which is now available in 30 language editions in over 40 countries.

The quality craftsmanship of the Cash Wallets used in this limited edition collection from Wingback is second to none and will hold between 4-6 cards (which is more than enough for most of us nowadays) and up to 20 notes. Boasting an innovative design which lets you easily slot in a impressive wedge of notes, when you close up these wallets,  you can slip each one out individually or pull them all out at once. The cards are accessible from the top of the wallet even when it is closed so your notes always remain secure.

Top Quality Leather

Nothing but the best will do for Wingback and this is something that they demonstrate once again with their Limited Edition Wallets. Wingback select every hide used individually and following the tanning process, the top surface is left untreated so it retains its natural grain quality and individual markings. On the inside of the leather it is sealed and left unlined in order to keep its natural, raw aesthetic. Upon arrival, the wallet will have will a stiff, tight fit for your cash and cards but over the first couple of weeks of use it will wear in and continue to soften over time.

With prices starting at £105 for these highly decorative and extremely versatile wallets, you can make it a real cornerstone of your everyday carry line up and we’re loving the dapper disposition of these exceptional accessories here at Coolector HQ. Wingback are a brand we’ve featured a number of times on our pages and we’re delighted that their wares seem to just get better and better with each passing year.

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