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When it comes to looking your best, whether it be for work or play, there are few accessories more central to this than that of ties so you should make sure that your drawers are well stocked with an impeccable selection of luxuriously crafted ties. With that in mind, we turn our attention to a brand by the name of Origin Ties who have one of the most impressive line ups of accessories we’ve encountered in a while here at Coolector HQ.

Origin Ties are not just a purveyor of exemplary ties, they also have a great array of other men’s accessories including socks, bow-ties and tie bars so if your intention is to ramp up your dapperness in 2018, Originties are a brand that deliver, with their slogan of “Source the Luxury”. Founded back in 2016, this top notch men’s accessories brand have wasted no time in creating an abundant array of wares that today’s contemporary man will appreciate and their attitude is one of simplicity but with an overriding emphasis on quality – something that shines through in all their products.

The Ties That Bind

We know the important role that ties play in, if you’ll excuse the pun, tying a look together and you’ll find exactly the sort of styles and colours that you’re looking for with Origin Ties. A never ending dedication to offering nothing but the finest quality materials is what drives Origin Ties and if you want first class accessories with a pleasingly affordable price tag then this, sir, is where you’ll find it.

A really eye-catching endeavour from Origin Ties is their so-called “Repricing Rule” which means that you always pay the price you feel is satisfied. Online shopping can sometimes be a risky business (they understand that) because you have to pay for the products before you actually feel them. But with the Origin Ties’ “Repricing Rule” they have addressed the solution: Every customer who shops on their website has the right to reprice the products after they have felt them. That’s how they devote to customers’ full satisfaction.

Origin Ties boast all manner of ties and accessories to suit every taste – from skinny ties to gentleman ties to ties for tall men and everything in between – you’ll not go short of options if you’re on the hunt for a tie, bow tie, socks or tie-bars. Style is something which is, of course, highly subjective and that’s why it’s pleasing to see such an extensive array of choice from Origin Ties. Whether you favour bold, vibrant colours or something a touch more understated or muted, there will be something that more than fits the bill here. Working alongside Italian designers who know a thing or two about luxury, having worked with brands like Burberry, Origin Ties offer high end products at affordable prices by cutting out the middle men and delivering the ties straight to you, the consumer.

For any weddings, business requirements or just your day to day workwear in 2018, you’re going to need some great looking ties and accessories to keep you looking stylish and dapper and that’s why we so value brands like Origin Ties here at The Coolector. Giving you the opportunity to really increase you choice of ties without breaking the bank, this fantastic brand gets two thumbs up from us, that’s for sure.

Ready For Anything

There are no shortage of occasions for when a tie will be an essential accessory so you’ll be well served to have a well-stocked chest of drawers in this regard. The exceptional quality of ties from Origin Ties is second to none and their 100% silk ties really do strike a chord with us at The Coolector. Great to look at, versatile and an overwhelming amount of options to choose from, it’s easy to see why Origin Ties are starting to make a name for themselves in the men’s accessories market with ties, first class socks and bow ties.

Ties are a staple of any stylish outfit and you’ll not find many out there with a better selection or higher quality than those on offer from Origin Ties. For any man looking for his go to men’s accessories purveyor in 2018, you’ll be definitely heading in the right direction with this top class brand.

For 20% off your order, use code COOLECTOR. Limited to one use per customer. For ties, tie bars,bow ties and pocket squares only. Free shipping on all orders in the United States. 

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