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Finding artwork that is suitably unusual to match our tastes here at Coolector HQ isn’t always straight forward but that makes it all the more rewarding when we do find art and design that we love and that’s the situation we now find ourselves in having stumbled across the rather excellent series of prints from Keegan Meegan & Company.

Keegan Meegan & Company are a Portland, Oregon, based duo of designers, namely Katy Meegan and Keegan Wenkman who have been utilising their design, illustration and letterpress skills to create awesome prints since 2007. The stock in trade of Keegan Meegan & Company is typically illustrated letterpress pieces and, as that’s exactly the sort of fare we typically fall for here at Coolector HQ, you want be surprised to hear that we’re massive fans of the work of this creative duo.

With a distinct love of the whole letterpress process that shines through in each of their prints, Keegan Meegan & Company boast an impressive array of artwork designs that would look fantastic in the workspace of any creative individual. You can take a look at a few of our favourite pieces from this Portland design team below:






There is a highly distinctive look and feel to the artwork from Keegan Meegan & Company and it’s definitely right up our street from an aesthetic point of view. All of the pieces from this excellent Portland based company are hand made and printed in the USA from the best quality inks and materials available for a finished product that really does look the part.

If you’re looking for small pieces of artwork to finish off a look in your home, office or even your workspace, there will be plenty of eye-opening pieces from Keegan Meegan & Company that will tick all of the right boxes and there is certainly an awful lot of their artwork we want to see up in Coolector HQ real bad.

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