Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets

Now, bracelets aren’t typically something that we would wear here at Coolector HQ but given our proclivity for branding and the fact the chap on the front of the box for these great looking Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets has a distinct Ron Swanson-esque vibe to them which means we’re more than happy to give them a pass.

Monsieur Bojangles is a Netherlands based purveyor of men’s accessories and their brilliant array of bracelets have had the branding treatment from a talented designer called Peter Kortleve who has added an air of outdoors awesomeness that will appeal to those chaps who love the great outdoors – us included.

The packaging of the Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets is a design element that really sets them apart and they are delivered in a matchbox style packaging with crimped paper and lumberjack illustration on the front of the box. Check out some shots of these excellent looking men’s accessories below:








Each one of these bracelets is made by hand in Holland and crafted from high quality American made type III commercial grade 550 paracord with a stainless steel, engraved D-shackle. Paracord was initially deployed in the suspension ropes of U.S. parachutes during World War II so, as you’d expect, it’s a mightily resilient material. Today it is still part of the U.S. army standard equipment and looks great in men’s accessories like these Monsieur Bojangles Bracelets.

Price: £18+

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