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There is certainly no shortage of brands to choose from when it comes to finding a new bicycle but it’s important to find one that tallies with your own sensibilities and deliver first class steeds that boast excellent materials and striking design. If these are features you look for in a new bike, then the superb looking rides from Kingdom Life & Bike are certainly going to appeal to you and you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with the mightily impressive line up of bicycles to choose from.

Kingdom Life & Bike were established back in 2009 and they aim to create and nurture a community of like-minding, cycling loving individuals through the manufacture of some awesome looking bikes. If you look for something a little different and visually striking when picking out a new bike, Kingdom are certainly going to resonate with you because they boast a great selection of steeds, all available for an affordable, entry level price.

My Kingdom For A Bike

Kingdom’s mission is to craft great products, and engage people personally, making positive impacts on their lives and they strive to do this through the delivery of some eye-catching bicycles that we’re really loving the look of here at Coolector HQ. The brand’s social innovation project aims to engage with long-term solutions and find new, sustainable means of saving lives and building communities so there is a charitable side to this bike brand that is important to realise as well.

The Kingdom Life & Bike Bicycles are available in four different iterations currently – the Sno, Snabb, Eldur and Sol – and each one has its own vibrant visual style and impact. Regardless of your own personal sense of style and the sort of bike you typically gravitate towards, you’re sure to find one within Kingdom’s line up that matches your tastes and riding style. Offering both fixies and freewheels, this top notch purveyor of bikes is rapidly becoming one of our new favourite brands here at The Coolector.

Quality construction and materials typify these bicycles from Kingdom Life & Bike and the Arizona location of the brand has certainly informed the bright, vibrant colours that really bring their steeds to life from an aesthetic point of view. For those who like to turn heads when they climb aboard their bike, the stunning steeds from Kingdom will do exactly that and the fact they are available for under $500 is the real icing on the cake.

Stand Out Style

We like our bikes to have something about them from a visual point of view here at The Coolector and that’s definitely a compliment which can be aimed at the rides from Kingdom Life & Bike. You’ll not miss these ones in a line up of bikes and the bold, unmissable aesthetic of these bikes is topped off with first class craftsmanship and design that ensures the quality of their performance.

A bike brand we hadn’t encountered previously but one that is now well and truly on our radar, Kingdom Life & Bike have a small but perfectly formed selection of bicycles to choose from and if you’re after a sub $500 this autumn that won’t let you down from a style or performance perspective, then look no further.

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