Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Case

Your smartphone is likely your most used and valued piece of technology that you reach for on a day to day basis so it makes sense to not only have a case that looks the part but one that can also help prevent it from becoming damaged. Well, these Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Cases have an unparalleled visual awesomeness and combine this with the use of materials which help guard against damage and they just so happen to be one of the most functional cases on the market to boot.

The Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Case is a protective leather case which has space for your essential cards so, if like us here at Coolector HQ, you only operate with a handful of cards on a daily basis, this cracking case can help you do away with your wallet and significantly streamline your EDC. Expertly crafted and cleverly designed, this fantastic case from Native Union will appeal to those with a love of luxurious minimalism.

Impeccable Style

These first class cases from Native Union are purpose designed to help ensure that you can keep all of your essentials close at hand and delivers drop-proof protection for your iPhone whilst doing it. Striking aesthetically and fantastically functional, the Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Case is crafted from luxurious Argentinian leather and it’s made with a useful pocket for your contactless payment, travel or access card. Card clash is a thing of the past with this great case as it uses Anti-NFC collision technology, meaning you can tap and go without interfering with your iPhone’s Apple Pay®.

The Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Case really does ramp up the luxury and has a tangible sense of quality which will mean you’ll always want to have it on show. It is made from the finest vegetable tanned leather from Argentina and, better still, these cases age impressively over time and will develop their own unique, eye-catching patina the more that you use them.

Boasting a slim, lightweight profile, these Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Cases are actually incredibly robust and durable despite their sleek looking design. The form-fitting design of the cases ensures a snug fit for your iPhone and a raised bumper safeguards your smartphone from the inevitable bumps, scrapes and droppages which are more or less impossible to avoid. You’ll get an added peace of mind knowing that your phone is so well protected and there are few cases more stylish than these available right now.

Colour Choices

The Native Union CLIC Card iPhone Cases is available in your choice of two colourways  – namely, classic tan or black leather – and each boasts an exceptionally stylish visual impact that we’re loving at Coolector HQ. As with all the goods from Native Union, the materials used in the construction are second to none and the quality of design unparalleled. For anyone looking for a versatile new phone case, this would certainly be one of our first picks.

Available for under $50, these super cool cases from Native Union will add a touch of class to your smartphone but, more importantly, will also ensure that you avoid the annoying cracks, scrapes and shattered screens that have befallen us all at one point or other. Another awesome product from one of our favourite accessories brands here at The Coolector.

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